Signs and Miracles

We are people who belong to God. Our ultimate destination is with Him, to live an eternal life with Him. We are certainly blindfolded if we dwell in the misconception that we belong to the world, and our life’s criterion is to invest all our efforts here. Well, when we are children of the Almighty, He sure shot is there to protect us, guide us, and bless us with His abundance. As God cannot be a limited God, nothing is impossible for Him! He cares and loves us more than any one capable on this earth. In fact we have to understand this and learn to give Him the top priority and place Him first in every-thing. Open out our hearts for Him and give Him that special place in our lives, which is His!!! Allow Him to work in our lives, as and how He chooses to… Have faith that whatever He does in your life is His best to you.

The bible says that when a child asks for bread, which earthly father would give him a stone to eat, or will give a snake instead of fish, to his child. Then how much more your HEAVENLY FATHER loves and cares for you, how can He leave you deprived of any -thing…“Ask and you shall receive, search and you shall find it, knock and the door shall be opened to you”!…This is how it is to live with god, believe in Him and have a perfect faith in Him. It is therefore fruitful to build our treasures in heaven rather than on earth. He is there, to take care of us on this earth too!

Lord Jesus Christ has always stood by me and I adore Him and am in awe of Him for every–thing. This love for Him is for keeps!…for eternity! I would not allow any- thing or any -one to falter my immense feelings for Him. He has stood by me all through out, and also has made me witness Him, through many big & small signs and miracles, to strengthen me more and much more in Him.

My first miracle took place, when I was in my mother’s womb. It is written… that Lord knows you much before you come on this earth and He has the names of His loved ones written in His BOOK OF LIFE. Probably, my mom didn’t know this…when she like any earthly woman tried to abort me. She was complacent in her child bearing duties when she had begat my elder brother and sister. Then here came me.. her unwanted child! She consumed all the prescribed pills to rid me off!!! As a result, one fine morning, while taking milk from the milk-man, she couldn’t move an inch as she started bleeding profusely but thanking her stars that she was clad in a long gown. She discreetly waited for him to leave and shut the door, ecstatic, that at last her mission was accomplished… to discard me off… She surely had forgotten that she could not refute the will of one supreme being, and that is…the almighty God… JESUS…Who can dare to go against His will!…Thus, I was born.

I was fortunate enough to have a doting Dad though, who means the world to me; but somehow, I am disliked by the woman who gave me birth and by the siblings to this date, and probably by most of the people I meet or work with! Now, before I almost jumped to conclude in a complex state that some-thing must be majorly wrong in me… Lord sent a spiritual woman to me one day at my shoot. She looked at me with a knowing smile and declared that… “God’s beauty and glory is upon you, but you are hated by many as you are not one of them!!! You are God’s special child and different from the worldly people, therefore their aura is bound to clash with your aura, so chill and get used to it.”… I didn’t know how much to believe her but, ever since, this knowledge has prevailed & comforted me, and I have learnt to take such things in my stride and people don’t bother me anymore! It’s a miracle in itself, when one stops perceiving things from a man’s point of view and begins one’s understanding from… God’s point of you. It is written… that God’s chosen ones will be persecuted by the people of the world!

When I was six years old, once I had accompanied my mom for some shopping, I spotted a picture of Jesus in a shop, I could not move my eyes from it and felt a great pull towards it, but before I could express my desire to have it, I was dragged ahead by mom, I kept looking behind and pointing at it. Luckily, after a while, we crossed the same shop on our way back home, I stopped and asked for it…Mom felt I was out of my wits to ask for nothing else, but THIS! That too, born in a Hindu family, out of all other pictures I opt for this one. Never the less, seeing my surety, she relented. (I have the picture even to this day with me, I can’t do without it and it’s my most favourite possession.).

Soon, I started to religiously buy a garland of 25 P. coin and adorn the picture with it, of course, I was unaware as a child, that I was breaking a very important commandment,… “You shall not make any image of mine and worship it!”

I guess when you are a child, Lord deals with you in accordance, He accepts even the doll in your hand, but gradually…grooms you towards Him. The picture, was my (symbolic) JESUS, I prayed to it, loved it, spoke to it regularly, all along, Jesus was kind enough to hear me out patiently through it!

In my tender age itself, my parents had separated. One fine day,Mom gave me a long lecture on how the going was tough, and she could not go on wasting money on my whims. Me, being a child, took it to heart and cried out to Lord that I would no more be able to buy garlands to adorn Him, and slept with a heavy heart. Next morning, when I woke up heavily, for school, my plight struck me, I sadly rubbed my eyes and as I opened them…goodness… the first thing that I spotted was a 25 p. coin, fallen on the ground. As I held it in my hands, He gave me every reason to smile. It was our own little secret! Thereafter in life, whenever I have found money fallen anywhere, it has mostly been the coin. I can’t help but kneel down in reverence.

Once, during the same period, it was a “Raksha Bandhan” day. The little me wore a saree and wanted to tie a Rakhi to the same picture, Mom was chopping vegetables and asked me to do some chore. I insisted on first tying the rakhi. The least I knew… the chopping knife was hurled at me. It came darting on my tummy. What saved me? The saree I wore for Jesus!

Yes! It was a regular feature for me to get bashed up by mom, even, for my fondness for Jesus! Besides being an over-board strict mother, being a Hindu woman, took over her, & my case went worse as I became a black sheep in her Hindu sight! There was thrashing in store, when I would read the bible before going to school, especially when I ignored the first bell, or overlooked to bow before the others pictures of her faith. The more the atrocities, the more my faith in Lord Jesus strengthened. Today He has liberated me from such bondage. Halleluya!

I was a convent student, to the displeasure of certain friends, I would go all out for two Christian girls, Delilah and Stella Phillps, as the hunger to know more and more of Jesus was never sated. Yes they were a great help to me, in spite of our childish ways. We would bunk on our tiffins, sneak into an adjoining church and pray to Lord, feeling totally ecstatic. At times we were caught by the school authorities and punished for so, as it was a prohibited area since there was a Boy’s school adjacent to it. I bet, our intentions were misunderstood.

Nevertheless, on one such occasion in the church, by my will, Stella baptised me with the Holy Water in her own sweet way. I asked her about the birth place of Jesus as I wished to visit it. In her ignorance, she told me that it was in Rome and Rome was so so far away, even if we go there by ship, we will reach in our old age. I believed her and shed endless tears, giving up hopes on my wish. Some years later, the first place I landed my feet on, in Europe, was undoubtedly Rome. Though I knew by then that it wasn’t the birth place of Jesus. Yet Lord fulfilled my wish, and before entering the church there, I shut my eyes and requested Him like a pampered child, to show me a sign as I open my eyes. The minute I opened my eyes, a Dove flew right in front of me, I was overwhelmed. Once again our own little secret, I smiled!

The miracles and signs have never stopped from Lord, my best friend. I can fill volumes on it. Of course, as I kept growing up, the miracles and signs also kept coming to me, in accordance with my maturity level. They are a great source of inspiration & teaching, also keeps me all geared up for what’s coming!

As of now, Lord mostly prepares me through dreams. I had always craved to be a part of people who were His followers. When He was about to grant it to me, I suddenly got dreams that I’m in a corner shop, some-where abroad, and am buying a lot of Bibles, Christian books and material. Soon, out of the blue, I was placed in the right church. I realised then, that the dream meant…I would soon have a new life in Him. The corner meant… it’s near, and being abroad meant.. that I would soon dissuade from this world & live in His world, & buying christian material meant…I will receive His sound teaching!!!

Another miracle was, that, the day I got baptized, on the Easter Day… all of a sudden… all tears, depressions, loneliness, heart –aches, iniquities, thought process, sorrows of past, etc. etc. just disappeared from my life. Now I look back and wonder “was that Me? NO!”

When I took the plunge in His baptism, one day He showed Him-self to me in a vision. He was in a royal blue outer robe, just then a wind blew and His blue robe parted side ways to show me His white inner robe, from which was emitted so much light that I could not see further. It was beautiful to the hilt. Ever since, the colour royal blue has become my favourite. All glory and honour be to Him as He is truly worthy and deserving of it! I am proud of Him and it makes me the happiest that I belong to Him and my eternal abode is with MY JESUS. AMEN and AMEN. It is written “He is the same yesterday, today and forever.” HALLELUYA. We, His followers are a “Holy nation, His Chosen generation, His Royal priesthood & His Peculiar people…AMEN.


Jesus Christ

    “Jesus Christ”… is my life, my love, my best friend. I have known Him since my birth on this earth, but surely He knew me since a long long time! As for me… I don’t even remember the time when I FIRST took His name, called upon Him, prayed to Him or began my life’s journey with Him. Whenever I look back to ponder on it, all I remember is I just knew Him, doted on Him, above all shared a beautiful relationship with Him; and my love, faith, hunger and attraction kept multiplying in leaps and bounds for Him. The entire credit goes to Him though, as the Bible says that nothing happens by chance, but happens by choice and the calling of the Almighty Lord.

    My childhood wasn’t that normal… as many are blessed with. It was loaded with twists and turns, upheavals n high drama!!! It could have drastically affected me with its gruesome impact on my complete being, but, with the grace of my “Saviour Lord”… I was a very healthy n normal child in every respect, maybe far better than children of sound up- bringing and back ground. All due to my Lord Jesus, who literally held my hand and took me out so smoothly, from the worst kind of situations and people, as one can pull a hair out of butter. He never allowed any scar or any harm to befall upon me right from my birth, to my childhood, to my adolescence, to this day. He also never allowed me to become a bitter person, rather made me a better person, evolving me in every way… Bible says His people will face persecution but Lord will comfort them and will remain by their side. At times, He allows hardships upon us to refine us and prepare us for His path…the right track… as He indeed is The Truth, The Way and Life

Jesus has been with me always. He has stood by me always in His own distinct way. His ways are definitely not the ways of  men & cannot be fathomed by the blindfolded understanding of mankind. In every step of ours, He makes His presence felt, and has so many ways of speaking to us, guiding us, protecting us and sharing with us…Himself…as well as our life. He works in our life through His signs and miracles… to strengthen the little  faith of His loved ones to the level of… perfect faith, which is the ultimate goal of every believer of His; as from here begins the purpose and way of our Lord for us and through us. All is possible for Him, as Jesus Christ is the only True Living God and cannot be compared to any thing or any one. He is Him, and is incomparable. The Bible says… He will never abandon or forsake you. He is the same yesterday, today and forever. He is the Most High…The great I AM.