Julie The Ist

As I mentioned earlier, that in my childhood I had shifted to Mumbai for a period of 3 years, and how I met Madam Julie; it was during the period when I was in std. 3rd & 4th. Now, when Mam Julie had finally left the school, I too was soon promoted to std. 5th, but nothing was the same without her! All was routine. Fortunately/unfortunately, I too had to pack my bags, mid-way, as mom had decided to shift back to Calcutta. With this sudden decision of mom, all that I was excited about, was to return to Loreto.

Once back to Calcutta, I was re-admitted in Loreto! I had jumped to class 6, due to my good reports of the previous years. In Loreto…it was wonderful to sniff the same air as I was once used to…the same classy atmosphere, topped with the familiar environs!!!

Dramas & ups and downs have always been a part & parcel of my life ever since I was born in this ruthless world. I always feel that I do not belong here & was never cut for so! I was a person that if anyone called out for me lovingly, that person was almost worshipped by me… as I doted on my teacher Julie. Probably I was like this due to the lack factor of love from my family…but…Do not worry… I am no more that gullible… though… I now have built an invisible fortress around me…in case…!!! Anyway, I was in Loreto till class 8, and once again due to forced/destined circumstances, I sensibly decided to join my Dad forever…at last.Thank God for that…my life took an altogether different route.

I joined my Dad in Chandigarh, was totally enamoured by his presence, I had parted from him when I was a child & reunited in my adolescence. The beauty of the town was a further bliss. I was happy for a change & for the change.

I was admitted in a private school as the board of Punjab University was entirely different from that of Bengal. I was lucky to straight away prepare for the board exams, within 6 months, skipping class 9 & 10, this was possible because of the private school! I coped as the standard of studies was far simpler in comparison to the TOUGH boards of Bengal. The event of my much deserved coat of nail polish had finally occurred in Chandigarh!

Chandigarh was full of students from various countries. My neighbour was a Nigerian chap, too friendly to scare my sis and me out of our wits. He did not interest me even for a second look, but within days dad & sis found me gaping towards his annexe, every now and then. Yes it was my die hard obsession that made me do so…NO…not for him but for the cute cuddly Sherry, his new pet. Dad felt relieved as he got to know the fact, but I was restless, as I wanted to share my passion for animals with her. Also… as I missed my dog Zango, whom I had to leave behind with mom, along with several other things, when I finally left her forever…for the good… & joined Dad.


Luckily, Sherry soon got very fond of us since we used to feed her most of the time, as my neighbour was quite negligent towards her due to his college and studies. Poor Sherry always seemed famished. Soon, she met her hero, mated and was happily a mother to be! That was the time when I was preparing for my boards. On one such late night, while my sis & I were busy slogging for the exams, Sherry came to our door frantically and demanded to be let in, we complied. Within the next few hours we heard her squeals; my sis went to check on her & returned squealing as well. She broke the news that Sherry has delivered a pure white pup, I flung my books in the air and rushed to the room where she chose to stay put. She gave me a proud look, that’s when I realised her purpose to choose my house in the middle of the night, to deliver; obviously her wisdom prevented her from foolishly being with her no good master. I then shifted my focus on the pup lying there, the most beautiful face I ever saw! I named her then & there…JULIE. It was 3rd April…when this love of my life took birth!

I obviously forgot to study any further, kept watching every move of Julie, and Sherry kept delivering further. By morning there was a litter of 4. Besides Julie, one more pup was very striking; as he was the only black-white pup in the lot…he was named Sheru by my Dad. My neighbour gleefully gave me the custody of Julie & Sheru. Oh man! They looked awesome together. Whenever I took them for a walk, people stopped to look at them. They had a common leash with two neck cords adorned with chimes; the duo walked in such harmony, and thought no end of them selves.

Time flew by, I unfortunately lost Sheru to the bitter cold night of his 1st winter…yet..Julie survived! Ever since I have consciously named all my pets with the initials “J” or “C” {Jesus Christ}, and they have lived their full span on earth!

As I passed the boards, I was to be admitted to the G.C.G. for my Prep & bachelor’s degree. Soon Dad announced that I would have to live in a hostel, I kept brooding since the hostel meant…living without Julie. As she and me were inseparables! Yet, I had no choice in this course of life too, therefore meekly relented, to live in a hostel without her. Dad’s family friend offered to look after Julie, whenever I was away. On vacations, no sooner I got to my abode, I would demand to be united to her, as the fear lurked that she might forget me; but each time I met her, she proved my fears wrong, and smothered me with her unconditional love and put me to shame.

On one such vacation, I found her behaving a little odd, before I could get  down to sober observation, she started to gasp &howl, by the time I rushed to her aid,  her body was twisted and convulsing. My eyes widened in disbelief to what was witnessed. Julie was in a bad shape and I could do nothing to help. I waited for the morning and rushed her to a good vet. He detected Distemper, a fatal illness. Medication too proved fruitless, and soon she was in a Coma, and as per the vet’s alarm, she was further struck by paralysis.

My world turned upside-down to see her suffering and I was highly pained and hurt. I screamed out to Jesus…”again why me? Why Me?” I was watching my darling going bad to worse, she could not move, could not eat, would wet the bed, and daily I had to carry her to the vet to give her shots. Moreover, I did not have much money for her treatment, but as I had started earning the bread for the household in my early teens via… Professional Theatre…Jesus kept blessing me with shows, a couple of regional films and some Tele shows & her treatment was managed!

Ever since Julie had fallen ill, I was beside her, had not bothered to go back to the hostel, also… due to my professional commitments. Soon finals were ahead & it was time to be confined to the hostel. All these past months, I had hardly attended any lecture, did not know what was happening in class, my world was Julie and work. My principal and college/hostel authorities were lenient towards me as my work was speaking loud n clear, and I was famous… a matter of pride for them too…& to top, I was well behaved, charming & “Miss Fresher” of the college… soon after I had enrolled in it!

Now the issue was, if I go back to the hostel, then what about Julie? On my day to the hostel, I packed my stuff and also placed Julie in a bag. No amount of dad’s coaxing/warning could budge me. I did not trust anyone any longer to hand her over to them. I was emphatically prepared to face any drier consequences, put all to stake for the sake of my Julie, but refused to keep her out of my sight. Once Julie n I entered the hostel, its gates barred us from the outside world! Who cared…as long as Julie was sneaked in and slept in my arms!!! By then, she was out of her coma, but was paralyzed. It was very difficult to know whether she was sleeping, or awake, alive or dead as she could not emote at all; many a times I had to put my ears on her chest to check on her breathing n heartbeats. Yet she & I knew that we were better off  with each other, in spite of her critical condition & my awful situation.

On my outing days, which was just once a week, I would take her to the vet ; but for the rest of the days, I had arranged with a sweet Manipuri buddy Vikram Namierakpam, for so. We became experts in smuggling Julie in & out of the hostel premises. No one could ever imagine as to what was taking place right under their nose, via the blue bag. Julie kept going for the shots but did not improve in any way. On my regular questioning looks, the vet finally declared that nothing can bring her or her limbs back to normalcy. Before I could react bitterly, he added that henceforth only two things could save her, my prayers and my care. I stomped out of his clinic to never return. But his words kept ringing in my ears. Back in my hostel room, I knelt & prayed even more earnestly, cried to Lord that there is no way out, but Him! Praying, taking care of her and massaging her limbs became a daily feature. Henceforth… all that I further will share can be well fitted to my post ”Signs & Miracles”, I did not mention it over there as all of this I wanted to dedicate to Julie my child, on a post of her own.

One noon, while I was busy mugging up the text books, Julie was laid next to me, suddenly by the corner of my eye I sensed some vigorous movement, I turned towards her and was shocked to see that Julie was frantically cycling her limbs in the air, at first it scared me but soon I realised that my Jesus had answered my prayers…He had healed her… He definitely is the ultimate healer, as He is addressed in Hebrew…Yahowa Ropha. I gloriously thanked Him. The next second, I hugged Julie and we both could hear each other’s sobs, it was beautiful to hear her voice after a long time…even though she wept in anxiety & pain. She made me realise that she too desired to get well & shower her love on me, rather Live with me; it was an inexplicable moment for us.

No one believed what they heard, but I was witnessing it. In days she could roll on her sides, and then stand on her shaky limbs, and soon she was able to follow me with her staggering gait. I never took her to the vet out of fear that she might become a Guinea pig for him. I did inform him though, as He had urged me to pray earnestly. Yes, he too could not believe that Julie was walking. Sadly, after her recovery, two side effects of her illness remained lifelong with her, one: she never ate on her own, she had to be fed, & two: she became epileptic, often got horrid seizures, therefore all throughout I had to give her a daily dose of Mysoline & Valparin 200, which kept the fits at bay to quite a major extent. Nevertheless I was happy that Jesus gave her back to me.

Julie would be tugged everywhere with me, be it dates, restaurants, beauty parlour or work place, she was welcomed & pampered as all fell for her. Once I took her for a rehearsal of my play “Mirza-Sahiban”…a co worker of mine stated that I walked as a temptress as Sahiban. She stupidly insisted on knowing where/how I learnt to walk like that, I simply could have explained that I trained myself during the ramp walks I did, but since I was not in the right mood to explain & teach, I simply said, “from Julie”. Guess what? She believed it & for hours she kept practicing it following Julie everywhere; I never laughed so heartily! I guess it was believable as Julie actually had acquired a catwalk by her stagger, for once her stagger made me proud rather than brooding over it!

In college, along with the finals, the”Miss Graduate” event was also nearing, wherein we had to catwalk & pose on the ramp & the most beautiful, graceful, intelligent etc. etc. girl was to be selected for the title by the jury. Till then no one person had achieved to win both the titles of “Miss Fresher”, as well as, “Miss Graduate”. I of course wanted to win it, as I already was the “Miss Fresher”. It was winter then, yet I would be up at 5 am, wear a cardigan & go to the college ground & jog endlessly. I felt Julie did not approve of being left alone in the hostel room, so I took her also the following day; not caring for the risk factor & also took it for granted that who would be up at that hour, in that weather. My daring ebbed the moment I spotted the chief warden glaring at me from her window. I immediately U-turned for the hostel, for hours I kept waiting to be summoned by her, but it did not happen, finally I bumped into her in the eve. I could hear my heart pounding, but all she did was exchanged a knowing smile & left. U bet the next day onwards, Julie & me went audaciously beaming, for the rounds… rather most of the time she would wake me up with her whimpering & pawing.

Some of the inmates got jealous, put across a complaint to the hostel warden, demanding equal rights. The warden enquired of me, I denied with a red face, she darted a look on my clothes as they were full of Julie’s fur, as I had given her a shower just a little while ago. Yet to please the rest she announced that she would pay a visit to my room in half an hour, maybe it was so to alert me, I sped up the stairs and hid Julie in the cupboard, but my future was entirely dependent on Julie’s mood. When the warden arrived, Julie was cosily fast asleep on my clothes, the warden looked everywhere but forgot the cupboard, either she did not expect/imagine a silent dog there or it was intentional, but it was a blessing in disguise, & that became her first and last visit on us!

Yes, I soon became the “Miss Graduate”, was successful in making the record I aspired for, and also fared well in my finals!!! The greatest reward for  me was… Jesus, who made all possible for me in spite of Julie’s illness, recovery & presence…Praise The Lord!


Well this is not the end of the major miracle, but a beginning! Yet another trial befell upon us, I also experienced premonition! After the College phase got over for me, I was anxiously waiting to shift to Mumbai once again… to start my innings here… least was I aware that my life in Chandigarh yet had something in store.

The window of my abode had a broad parapet, Julie somehow loved sitting on it, maybe a span of being restricted to the hostel room made her develop this liking for an open space. However I would scold her for so, she lend me a deaf ear on this issue. One night I woke up perspiring as I saw a dreadful dream that I was covered with blisters & wounds of sorts, my face half charred, I was screaming in pain, crying to Dad that “I am finished, my career is over, who would work with me in this state of mine, etc”. Once out of the nightmare, I saw Dad staring at me. He was woken up by my screams, I ran to the mirror to check on me, all seemed well. I wondered…then why such a dream which caused Dad & me to wake up in the middle of the night? Ohhh!!! realisation dawned upon me & I shuddered. I saw Julie was nowhere around, called out for her but to no avail, I frantically started searching for her, she was nowhere to be found, even checked the parapet, no not there too, and then I knew, why the dream & why was I woken up by the super natural power. I went towards the parapet & looked down the three floors…YES… she was lying on the ground without any movement, soaked in a pool of blood, her urine & stool out of her bowels…I yelled & yelled non-stop like a mad person. There were nail marks all over the parapet proving that during her fall she clung to it expecting to be rescued by a person who was fast asleep & fell… as she could not sustain it, neither had that level of strength to balance herself due to the stage of her post-illness. I HATED MYSELF.

I  was like a zombie, could not move an inch, as I thought she was no more. Dad darted down the endless steps and brought her up to me, her blood dripping all over, she too was absolutely still, till we came face to face, I looked at her with blurry eyes & said “Julie”…she wagged her tail at me in that state, we were bewildered to witness that. I rushed her to the vet and pleaded him to attend to her, at that hour of the night, he relented. Julie was diagnosed of multiple fractures, organ ruptures & head injury! But hold your breath… Within weeks of her treatment she sprung back…RECOUPED!… HALLELUYA!

Oh yes, another facet of the dream got true, within some days, some horrid blisters burst forth on my back, inter related to chicken-pox, Julie & I were being treated/recovered simultaneously. Ever since then, my dreams mostly alert me on good/bad tidings. I also knew for sure that Julie was truly my soul-mate…remember the song…Do jism magar ik jaan hai hum… yes my “Jaan”… Julie… indeed! This child of mine is addressed as JULIE THE 1ST! With her…I too was addressed mostly as… “ the girl with the dog”, as we were inseparable!


To be continued…….!









Am I obsessed with this name… yes… you bet… I am. In fact I am immensely & profoundly in love with this name and the personae bearing this name, that have been linked with me and my life. I usually proclaim that I can vouch for the 2 wonderful “J’s” of my life…Jesus and Julie, and my love and passion for them will remain undying, as I dote on them for eternity.

My 1st encounter with the name Julie, was in my childhood, when I was tagged along with mom & sis to watch a film named… Julie. I was too teeny-weeny to grasp the crux of the story, but in my own naive way I loved the film and it surely became my favourite film at that point of time. Soon my wardrobe was full of a replica of the heroine’s outfits. Least was I aware, that I used to clad myself in the most outlandish attire  of skimpy skirts and knotted bustier, or skimpy dresses with heart shaped pockets, and wondered why passer-by’s gaped at me, during the late 70’s!!!


One fact that I am proud of is, that by the wise decision of my mom, I was schooled in “ Loreto”, one of the finest school one could go to, wherein Roman nuns would administrate and educate us, polishing &  grooming us in every possible way. In the premises of Loreto…it was entirely a different world, a class distinctly apart, which, I haven’t come across anywhere… till date!

For certain reasons, during my schooling, I had to shift in to Mumbai from Calcutta, for a period of 3 years. Having no options, for the suddenness of it, I was admitted to a school which was a total contrast of Loreto! A nose-dive from a convent girl’s school to a public co-ed school. I was in for a cultural shock, here girls rolled in with “Gajras” & “Bindis”, crumpled uniforms & unpolished cads, forget shoes. They spoke in fluent Hindi & haywire English and their erratic social & academic conduct made it difficult for me to gel. The boys were cheeky & boisterous. Yes… I got depressed.


I was in Std. 3 then, trying to cope with the new environment. One fine day, it was announced that we are to have a new class teacher, I was indifferent towards it, as I wasn’t too elated with the present one and expected some one as mediocre as her or worse. I was astonished, in for a major surprise, when my new class teacher walked in…Yes… when Madam Julie breezed in like fresh air! An epitome of beauty, as appealing as a flower, sexy & stylish, classy, modern, intelligent and gentle… I froze! The next second onwards…I was her puppy dog.

All of a sudden, I changed for the better… I started looking forward to school…once in the class..I stared at her throughout without a blink, grasped every word of hers, tried to excel in every respect to gain her attention, how I wished the school hours would freeze with my sight fixed on her. I befriended those on whom she casted a look of approval. I was transformed into the best student of the class, ranked first always for her appraisal and was totally obedient towards her, being a die-hard fan of hers… During recess too, I would peep in at the teacher’s room just to have a glimpse of her, much to the ire of the other teachers. Soon, word spread about my adulation for her, the other teachers would therefore put me on task for so, but my spirit would never budge for Mam Julie.

I remember once she casually mentioned, that we students of std. 3, should never report to school adorned with nail polish & stuff. All such whims should be kept at bay till we pass school. Believe me, I loved wearing nail polish on occasions, but after her words, I swore to heed to her advice & banned it from my life. Though unfortunately our ways were parted in a couple of years, but I stuck to my promise for many years, in spite of her not being around. Even my mom was put off with me when many a times during certain functions, when she insisted that I wear some lipstick, powder or nail polish, I would flatly refuse to do so. I waited to pass school, once accomplished; I adorned my nails with nail polish & smiled!


Coming back…soon a year passed by, I passed std. 3 with the top rank but my heart tore to part from her as my teacher. I relentlessly pestered her and also the principal to make her the class teacher of std. 4. None of them looked sure, but when I re-joined school after the vacation, I was thrilled to know that my prayer was granted… she walked in & smiled at me, aware of my heart’s desire. I shot back a victorious smile at her. Sometimes I would request mom to buy me a gift for her, thankfully my mom never let me down on that. Mam Julie would chide me for so but taking pity on my plight she would finally accept it. The day she used any of it, I would beam with pride.

Once I went for a fair and my Dad bought me a lovely key chain which was tri- coloured as the Indian flag, and my name inscribed on it in golden letters. It was very dear to me. I carried it in my school bag, to admire it every now and then, though there was no key to place in it. One day, Mam Julie broke the news that she would be going on a leave for a month or so as she was soon to get married, I was joyous for her but also put off that she will be away for so long. I was shocked when all a sudden she called out my name and announced that I would be the monitress while she is away and would also monitor my class-mates in every respect, check their home-works, take occasional classes, etc. etc. I was dumbfounded that before leaving she almost put me in her shoes with such a major responsibility.

Nevertheless, much to the displeasure of many, I played my role to the hilt, at times went over-board! This indeed was history, once my principal summoned me, complimented me on so but also subtly alerted me to be gentler as I was getting too strict with the students…a no nonsense person that I  am till date with myself and also with others; as that’s what I have inherited from my extremely strict mom! However by the end of the year, I received a certificate of the best monitress of the year! Oh yes, my key chain was the proud owner of the cupboard keys of std. 4th.

Days passed by, the D Day arrived, when my beloved teacher was to return to us. That day I summoned the volunteers, in the wee hours to school. Unbelievable but true, in our uniforms, we got down to serious dusting & scrubbing of the class, also swept and mopped, the authorities were shocked out of their wits to witness such chores taking place right under their nose. The results were mind blowing though, once we finished with the decorations too, I invited the principal to pay us a visit. For some reason she did not seem thrilled as the childish me expected, but vaguely appreciated and disappeared. But when Mam Julie walked in, she seemed touched by the gesture and patiently admired our effort and also read all that was scribbled on the black board for her. Thereafter, all was back to normal, but I loved the moments when I would see my key chain in her hands or tucked on her “Saree” at the waist line… my name flaunting on it.

The year was once again coming to an end and hence my worry… whether would she be my class teacher the next year too! All my anxiety was short lived as one day she broke the news that she will have to quit her job as she was expecting. You bet it was heart-rending for me, as she was the only person I looked up to, I loved my Dad as much but by then he was far away from me, as my parents had separated, and out of fear of my mom, I stayed back with her. And now, after Dad, I was to lose on my next favourite person too. Finally the day arrived, I cried but my friends scared me that one should not bid a good-bye with tears as it’s not good for the departee. I managed to score very poorly.

The last I met or saw her was when we received the news that she had delivered a baby girl…Tina. We formed a group of those who doted on her, contributed our pocket money and bought a crib etc. for the baby, & headed for her house. She seemed pre-occupied with the child, yet, made some small conversation with us, offered us some goodies to munch on. I was a little taken aback as she was cool towards me {not cold though}, yes I confess that the child in me did feel envious, {not jealous though…as I am not familiar with this emotion}, of the infant she held in her arms, how I wished that she equally doted on me too.. though… I never felt so… after that last meeting of ours!!! As of now… I am finally at peace with my destiny…that Jesus had in store for me! Nevertheless, Mam Julie has lived strongly in my heart and mind. Yes Madam Julie…I have loved you always and you have had an indelible impact on me. Halleluya!

To be continued…….!

Laughing Stock

     Rumours can indeed make one laugh at it, since “rumours are rumours”, and to a certain extent it can be quite amusing, but at times it surely not only upsets you but appalls you to no limits. 

Being a public figure, I too was a victim of it right from the day my career took off! I kept hearing several and never ending stuff about myself too. It did not affect me as I always held the belief that I do not need to prove myself to anyone. All that mattered, was the truth of my heart, & my life and my truth has always been reserved for me, my Dad and above all Jesus, as per my personal, moral and spiritual obligations to each respectively. Most of the time what I read about myself was “News” to me! It made me raise my brow at the mention of it…REALLY ?!?… God bless!

Over the years, I seriously dealt… un-seriously with them; much to the dismay of the familiar scribes who voiced them. Yet how hypocritically they stressed as to how I could so coolly take it in my stride. My silence and non-committal attitude ironically bugged them to desperately shift their attacking forces to my character, from their prior attack which mainly focused on my lifestyle n stuff!

Thus…soon I got to know of my “so called affairs”, how I wished that they themselves could accept that where on earth was there any time for so, that too, to be invoved in innumerous affairs, for a super star of television!!! I was busy shooting 3 shifts in a day, with 7 of my serials on air, simultaneously; at times I worked non stop for 72 hours without a wink of sleep…of course it’s a taboo for me now.

However, I yet chose to remain mum on such unpleasant rumours till the day they slyly coaxed me to retaliate for so, in a press conference. I finally retorted… that at that point of time I was whole n soul into major serials: Kismat, Kurukshetra, Virasat, Silsila, Satya mev Jayete, Hasratein. I was working hard, yet, was being unfortunately linked with the respective top-notch producers and directors! My next upcoming serial is Janam-Janam, produced by a sweet veteran actress Padmini Kapilla. Since now I’m working with a woman, what do I now expect..too be linked with her too?! All I could then hear was an embarrassed laugh, I knew, I finally hit the bull’s eye!

 Thereafter,I guess, they gave up on their shoddy publicity gimmicks, as all such rumours soon faded into oblivion, after the strong and bold statement I had made. Now, at last I was able to work peacefuuly n relentlessly without a hitch! All I heard after that, about myself, over the years, was some harmless stuff, which I could just easily look through.

A peaceful decade passed by, wherein I delivered major hits like Hasratein, Padosan, Nagin, Chandini, Saath-Saath, Nartaki, Intequam, Partapi, etc, etc, till I got down to doing Hum Saat-Aath Hain,again, another feather of my cap!

On one of the rare holiday that I got, during that period, due to some blasts, in the city, I decided to avail the free day by a brisk walk. I was amidst it when I received a call on my cell, from my cousin from Calcutta, as I hail from there. She frantically inquired about my where-about. I joked with her that I have taken the call proves I am alive and not in the least at the danger zone. But the joke fell flat on my face when I got to know the purpose of her call. I got to know that some small timer, who shares the same name as mine, was caught in Madras, on a particular date, in a hideous flesh trade racket.

Most of the leading papers and magazines sans wasting time, to sell lucrative news, encashing on my name, concluded that it was me who was caught. Such articles were circulated all over India, naming me, my serials, along with my photographs. 

I was frozen to hear about it. I forgot about the walk and went straight home, disclosed the news to Dad and cried unceasingly. Nothing and no one could stop me from crying bitterly. I never felt so miserable, broken and lowly.

Dad tried to pacify me by saying that my crying was not the solution to the disastrous falsehood. He said “take it this way that you paid the price of being famous, as your name was taken without verification, since it boosted the gossip factor of the press.”

Nothing could console me, I was angry with Jesus too, as to why I had to bear the derogatory brunt of some one else’s wrong doing. I vehemently reasoned, that when all these years I worked real hard, won awards, etched a solid position, respect and image of myself, did I deserve this?! Is this the reward I got for my dedication and passion for my Work. I had lost on so many fronts due to my die-hard commitment to my work, for what? To get this muck in return! I did not know how to tackle such a hoax. It troubled me deeply to think of the wrong impression it would lay on my industry folks, the very thought of it stabbed me so hard.

Yes! I felt like dying as this incident was a horrid blow to me and I in the least expected this to happen to me…to a person of a good family background… to a person who was well bred n academically sound…to person who always believed in being aloof n private…to a person who was sternly disciplined and a highly rated professional.

However, in a couple of days when I regained my strength and composed myself as I had no alternate but to fight back such a ruckus, I started with the needful, I hired a lawyer. He encouraged me to fight out my cause. Least was I aware that I was heading in for another blow. When I submitted all the paraphernalia to him, the connected press aware of their faux-pas…bought him!!! As they realised that once dragged to the court on defamation charges, they were in serious trouble. So buying out the already corrupted lawyer was obviously an easy way out for them. Soon the lawyer started to play a different tune to Dad and me; we realized his intentions and withdrew from him.

Those days I was a regular at the church and it’s preaching was working in my mind simultaneously…when Lord Jesus was crucified, He said “forgive them o Lord for they know not what they are doing”; and my case was at least not as drastic as “His”. My pastor Raniji always tells me that when situations or people are out of your understanding, leave it under the judgement of Jesus and chill. I chose to follow suit and know for sure the fate of such people!

However, Lord helped me in contacting the police authorities of Madras who confirmed in written notice that it was definitely not me who was caught but some other seema kapoor, I handed over the notice to “Times”, they clarified the facts in their edition, to which, most of the papers asked for a printed apology from me…in their same respective papers, wherein they had made the mistake of a wrong identity!!! Hereby, the matter ended for them then and there… but for me it took a while.

Yes another good thing that occured by which I further could prove my innocence, was, that the day that girl was arrested and jailed for her misdeeds, I had been busy shooting for a serial “Hasi woh Phasi”, for the entire day, in Mumbai!!! So my producer cum director Kanchan Adhikari, Issued a letter too, as a further proof of it.
Lord does fight the battle of His loved ones. The world just lets you down but Lord truly lifts His people.Halleluya! 

Ever since then, the discomfort of the Gossip Press, in particular, is quite evident and I choose to ignore such a plague! Thank God, times are changing and now we have new and wise lot pouring in, in the press, and they are heartily welcome.

That reminds me, never the less, recently, in some of the websites, it has been wrongly mentioned that I did  some inconspicuous roles in some movies named Dharmatma, Pyasi Nadi, Koi hara koi jeeta, Warrant, etc, etc. Well let me clarify that this is humbug and utter nonsense and misinformation. I, with due love and respect urge my fans to refrain from such sites and not be a part of it as they are mis-leading you with wrong information. Seema Kapoor  the Me, has never done such movies mentioned and has neither done such side or small roles. I have always done mainstream lead roles!!! To top, they have mentioned that I did those films in 1973. GIVE ME A BREAK as I must have been in my mother’s lap that time as an infant, rather then enacting in such films. Rumours, rumours rumours, Strange are thy ways!!!

JESUS…”when U are with me then who can be against me… for greater art Thou who is in me, then the one who is in the world…threfore no darts of the enemy can prosper against me”…AMEN!!!