The Basic Me

I was born in Calcutta, on the 6th December, at 6 a.m. I do have sentiments for Calcutta & like the Bengali language. I can reasonably read, write & speak in Bengali. I love to hear Bengali as it makes me quite nostalgic, but given a choice, I would never want to stay at Calcutta…umpteenth reasons for that!

Imagine I was born on the 6th day, at the 6th hour…thank God, not in the 6th month but double of it, the 12th month; otherwise, people would not have spared me or vice versa…just fooling! Thank my stars… I am too God fearing.

My birth has given me certain reasons to be proud of, like, I am proud to be an Aryan, I am proud of the fact that I am a top class Punjabi…a KAPOOR, also that I am a Sagittarius, am good-looking, am a healthy person, born in my favourite month, yes I love December as I love it’s weather & festivities & it’s romantic aura! Above all, I was chosen by Jesus to be born & list in His BOOK OF LIFE.

I was fortunate enough to study in a Christian missionary school… that too…Loreto! yes I strongly feel that the right kind of school plays a vital role in our lives but who can be a better teacher than God, destiny, experience, hurt & life!

On earth it is important to achieve your goals, as long as you also know where to draw a line. It is important to have parents, friends, mates, children, well-wishers or god-fathers… provided they are real & genuine! Now before the philosopher takes over me, let me share the lighter stuff.

My favourite colours are red, black & white; royal blue & purple; but I love all striking colours, even gold n silver, I love polka dots & Tiger n Zebra prints. As a child I only loved the red colour…you bet, most of the time I looked like one RED RIDING HOOD.

I love the Roman & Egyptian artefacts & love to collect angels, cupids, stars, moons & sun. Yes I am a spendthrift, generous & a shopaholic to an extent.


I love to gorge on salads, some fruits, Punjabi & Italian cuisine; Puchkas, Muri & Aloo dum of Calcutta. I don’t have a sweet tooth but I relish chocolates & ice creams. Have a bad habit of sipping on Coke during meals. Have learnt to cook our staple dishes…very recently! I have not tasted tea; I detest it & its smell. I prefer very cold liquids than piping hot ones. I eat non-veg. too but am not at all a hard core one… I love the greens.

Reading, writing & designing makes me feel good. Am a wonderful poetess, not many know of this! I love the English language & Urdu also. I enjoy reading the Bible n Christian faith books, but I adore Shakespeare & Ayn Rand. My philosophies match with Ayn, my spirit & Ideals accept n agree the Bible and my nature n aura match Shakespeare’s CLEOPATRA! Am I not a multiple split personality… I bet I am! Oh yes, I like best sellers too.

I have a very long list of favourite actors: Peter O Toole, Richard Burton, Al Pacino, Brad Pitt, Michelle Pfeiffer, Liz Taylor, Kate Hudson, Drew Barrymore, Meena Kumari, Vijayantimala, Sridevi, Rekha, Sharukh Khan, Nana Pathekar, Salman Khan, Ranbir Kapoor.

My all time favourite films have been: The other side of mid-night, Fedora, Cleopatra, God Father, Scarface, Life is beautiful, all classics, Umrao Jaan & Chaalbaaz.

I love discussions but arguments tire me out. I do crave for knowledge, therefore dumb people bore me within seconds, but I hold a special respect for simple-innocent people, though I have not come across them since ages! My favourite subjects are: Philosophy, Spirituality & English Literature.

I am a graduate in English honours, psychology & kathak.

Normally I like to clad in westerns as I find them pretty comfortable n convenient… But I love the Saree & salwar-kameez too but I strongly feel that with Indian dresses one should be properly dressed..with all the “nakhras”!

Yes I am a die-hard animal lover! Animals mean everything to me: my family, children, companions, friends etc, etc. I find a certain amount of purity, simplicity & also Godliness in them. As of now I have 6 dogs & 13 cats… all named with initials J & C. They are awesome.

Yes I am also an ardent believer of Jesus Christ! And I only believe in Him as the True Living God! My biggest dream is to be truly worthy of Him & join him for eternity. This makes me romanticize my death too! He is wonderful…one has to experience Him to know His love & beauty! Amen!

 My biggest fantasy is to own a fairy’s wand & solve every-one’s problems, including mine!


A Tribute To My Fans

I, SEEMA KAPOOR, am especially writing this for all those special & wonderful people, who have given me their precious time and undying love & care…MY FANS! I whole heartedly thank you all for keeping track of my work & also being in touch to all that concerns me…be it my serials or shows, be it my blog or be it your fan club! Of course there are times when I am slogging n cannot reciprocate the way I would have loved to, also, somehow I could have missed on some of you, or could be unaware of some of you! But be rest assured that each one of you is important & special to me!


Your love n adulation has compelled me to jot down these words for you. You know whenever anyone tells me that you act so well, you have a huge fan following, people love you as an actor, your  so n so character or serial is so good, your scenes are mind blowing, etc. etc… I always tell them it is my people; my fans that make me rock! Yes honestly speaking, I always keep you in mind when I work because I know I am going to be ultimately watched by you all, that charges me completely as I do not want to let you down in any manner. Yes I DO feel responsible for you, as you all have given your unconditional love & adulation to me always! How many people are that fortunate to get such love from people who are not your family members, yet you shower much more love & genuine care n concern. This shakes me up completely, that’s why I choose to call you MY PEOPLE!


I thank each one of you from the core of my heart, & I definitely do not wish to keep our association as a formal one, in the sense…”oh you are good”… “Oh thanks, thanks”, blah blah! When I say you are my people, obviously I mean it, therefore do feel free to express your-selves to me, keep giving your love, feed-back & love n good wishes to me! Also I would want to hear & know about you, do share your thoughts, views n problems with me. To be in touch, my blog is there for you always “ “,  & 24 hrs. Recipient! YA!


So many of you, for instance, Lassie_1911, Omshanti1111, Shah_Shafaq, Kainatkhanii, Manoranicute, Vaiku, Punjabisi, Tina_ch, Pinky, Javed, PinksSanya, Bini, Bini311, Crush, Suchitra, Shonaa, Kinny-Partner, & many-many more have made me smile, laugh n also cry with your beautiful words, compliments & appreciation. I love you soooooooooooo much! Yes! Also do send in your suggestions on the topics that you would like me to write on in my blog, that would be great, as I would then know what you want to read, otherwise I will keep writing stuff that I have chosen to write on so far! So my dearest people… am looking forward to hear from each one of you. Yes I confess that for the first time, I have shed my inhibitions & written to you, as your love compelled me for so, and hence forth it is going to be for keeps. You too follow the suit now…yeah?!


Love you all, shall keep you in my prayers, wish you all the best in life, be good, be clear & confidant, be hard-working & always do your best n be honest n excel in every phase of life…yes… also do not be too worldly, BE GODLY! Lotsa love, regards & muaaaaah!

Julie Continues

Shortly the D Day arrived…22nd May, 1986, when I once again set my foot on    the Bombay soil, with Julie in my arms, this time to finally accept & embrace this city for ever, the city of my future. Moreover my bro n sis were already settled here, my arrival was delayed as it was my dad’s condition with me that before I ventured into a full-fledged career, I had to complete my studies, I had obeyed. The fact that excited me was that hence forth I would get to lead a liberated life with Julie, at our terms n choice! I secretly knew that I would only rate my success in life, when I would be able to provide Dad & Julie with all the luxuries of life & pamper them by fulfilling every whim n fancy of theirs. I also visited all my childhood related spots to reminisce all events, U bet, the school wasn’t omitted wherein I had met Madam Julie…once upon a time.


Julie initially could not adjust to the Bombay weather & fell seriously ill & had to be hospitalised, I despised that place & kept cursing, till I brought her back from there. Within months I settled down for the suburbs, soon I came across the finest vet…Dr. Shyam Sharma…who with his passion for animals & vast experience, solved my problem of Julie’s illness, by guiding me into the apt medication, etc. I even bought two wonderful pups for her, thinking she will be glad for so but she never got friendly with them, she was only pleased with my presence! Once I had attended a function, a certain music director was also there, he took some fancy over me to the extent that he traced my landline number & would relentlessly call me & croon some of his hits for me, which in the least interested me rather I had to suffer it. So to handle the situation my way, whenever he called, I would insist on listening to one of his hits which had Julie’s name in it, he would feel flattered & oblige. This went on for some time & finally he asked me that was I so crazy about his voice that I always insisted on this particular song. I retorted that I wasn’t crazy about him or his voice or his songs, but am crazy about my dog Julie, therefore I request for it in his every call. Guess what…he never called me again & my purpose got solved.


Another striking quality of Julie was that she naturally was at ease with the people I liked & growled at people I didn’t approve of, I often wondered where it came from. Now, after many peaceful years, when Julie was 12 years old, I had to go to America for  some weeks, I could not take her & had to leave her at home in the care of my Dad & servants, after much fuss, I went ahead for the trip, though I had taken short trips abroad even earlier without her, but never for so long! I kept in touch with Dad to enquire of her. The feedback was regular that she is fine but does miss you as she keeps staring at the door for you to return & of course the statement tore my heart & I would religiously keep track of the countdown of my return.

 Just around the last couple of days of my return, I once went to a gaming zone, I spotted a stuff toy that reminded me so much of her & I insisted on winning it. My friends tried hard for so, no other toy could pacify me that was won in the bargain, till I finally had this replica of Julie in my hand. That night I slept cuddling it real tight as I was missing Julie real bad & had given up on my patience to stay without her. And there…another dreadful dream…wherein I see myself standing in an old rocky balcony, in my maternal aunt’s home, worried that Julie shouldn’t follow me there as the condition of the balcony is grotesque, and right then Julie walks in & before I could reach out to her safety, she dodges for a while & to my horror takes a sudden leap, from the railing & falls miles down on the main road crowded with automobiles & commuters,& once again I see her in the same state, as I had seen her in reality, years back in Chandigarh, when she had fallen from the parapet. Before I can even react to the fall, in my dream, I see some road side ruffians dart towards her with sticks in their hands saying” hit her on the head & she will die as she is still writhing & alive.”{the same scene had been witnessed by me, done to a shot rabbit on a freak hunting spree, by some locals n friends, & the experience had repelled me to the core!} My Julie was howling the same way as that innocent rabbit, I was screaming & begging to them to spare her as she belonged to me, not to touch her at all, but they seemed to hear nothing & headed for her. I kept shouting from the balcony with my eyes fixed on her, as I didn’t want to waste any time darting down the endless stairs, lest they kill her. The moment they reached her & lifted their murderous hands, I forced myself out of the horrid dream, which I normally do when I can’t bear to see a particular dream, with a gasp. I started crying, felt guilty to leave Julie alone for so long, I immediately called home to enquire of her well-being, as it was morning time in India, Dad’s tone confirmed my fear, though he tried to evade the truth, but on my persistence he confessed that JULIE IS DEAD!…2ND JANUARY, 1993.


Julie died probably during the time when I was desperately trying to win the toy that reminded me of her. The moment I achieved the toy, I lost Julie. Dad later told me that the Super Natural Power knew that Julie has to die when I was not around, to avoid me witnessing the ugly truth of death, to avoid that gory sight for me, to avoid my trauma of that moment, to avoid my wrath inflicted on anyone present there at that point of time. Till date I remember her as she was, the way I romantically looked at her, not to what she actually must have looked during her death! My vet told me that she probably died of a heart attack due to my absence. I cursed my trip for ages, I hugged the toy for ages & cried, I could not accept her death & come to terms with it. I kept demanding of Jesus that give her back to me, I can’t live without her, how could He take her away from me…I WANT HER BACK! I made a gold chain with her name inscribed on it & wore it always, people gave me confused looks. I placed the toy permanently on my bed, kissed it, cuddled it, spoke & cried to it, I knew she was profoundly alive in me, didn’t know how to live without her. Jesus knew that I was refusing to mature or move on in life….so He placed another MIRACLE for me! The entry of JULIE the 2nd!


This miracle was in store, when I went for my first day’s shoot of “PADOSAN”, a sitcom produced by Ekta Kapoor. Now a woman was there to play the role of my mother, I normally am a reserved person & do not like to open up with people who are yet strangers, this woman stuck to making conversations with me least aware of my discomfort, paid no heed to my fake blank expressions & curt replies, the weapons I use to let an unwelcomed person know that I am in no mood to get pally. She went on n on aimlessly till the point she shared that she was an animal lover, & suddenly I was all ears & after a point I was equally engrossed in the conversation, shedding all my prior inhibitions. She told me that she had two pups & I casually mentioned that I also have a male dog,{the other one had died too}; I had also lost a female who was very dear to me, without mentioning her name, details & my pain. She said she might give away the pups as it’s difficult for her to look after them. I knew I could not help her with that as Dad wouldn’t allow me to shelter some more pups. She casually told me that one was a female, seven months old, & her name was Julie… I froze!

I looked at her with disbelief, my mind racing…she has a female, named Julie, wants to give her away, seven months old which meant her birth tallied to my Julie’s birthday, topic comes up out of the blue & above all it was a Friday, a day cherished by me for the strong bond between Jesus & me, all the blessings of Jesus have been showered on me on a Friday. I told her without a blink that I am taking Julie home today. It was her moment of disbelief now. She reacted by saying how was that possible, she least expected me to take the pup, she was not prepared to give her right away, & the shoot would go on till late night, where was the time to fetch her etc, etc…Not possible! To convince her I explained all details of Julie & how now Jesus was giving her back to me & all the signs were confirming it.  After some thought, she agreed to give her to me, but, the next day.  I was too upset with her, I felt like what Shakespeare had once said in “Merchant of Venice”…“First you teach me to beg & then you teach me how a beggar should be treated.” In my mind I reasoned with Jesus too that how could He return Julie to me on a Saturday & not on OUR day FRIDAY. I suddenly decided to back off from it, as I convinced myself that I am surely mistaken, I am assuming things, it’s a co-incidence, she must not be my Julie, why will Jesus pamper me to this extent, Dad too will disapprove of another pet in the house etc, etc. I gave on this issue.


The bible says that in God’s ways nothing is a co-incident, nothing happens by chance, it’s by the choice of God! And when one gives up on his/her might, takes a back seat, God springs forth to fight your battle for you to place your victory on your table! That’s why He is often addressed as The Banner of Victory…in Hebrew…YAHOWA NISSI. Now just watch how the complete scenario changed drastically in minutes as Jesus had His way of saying to me, “my child do not doubt, yes I am granting you your heart’s desire to evolve you further in life”. In minutes, we were called for our scene, in the midst of it, the director Kapil Kapoor called off the shoot, which rarely happens in the tele-industry, and “Pack-Up” was announced. I was least bothered to know of the reason, as right then I was more curious to know the other truth! With a pounding heart I looked at that woman, she smiled knowingly, as it was only late afternoon by then! The next minute my Dad was driving me to her house! I took a sigh of relief when I first held Julie the 2nd in my arms, & she smothered me with her love for me. Jesus granted her to me on a Friday! HALLELUYA.


She was a Pomerian, whereas Julie the 1st was a lhasa Apso, yet every-thing was similar & familiar. She refused to stay without me & the first thing that she did when she came back home, she ripped the toy Julie into pieces. It upset me & then right away I understood & smiled, hence we slept peacefully cuddled to each other! The next day, when I reported for the same shoot & wanted to share the experience with that woman, she was no-where around & soon I got to know that she was replaced by another actress as the director was not happy with her performance & that’s why had called off the shoot of the previous day. I got the jitters of a lifetime, as it meant that her acting as my mom was not in the plan of Jesus, she was a vessel chosen to deliver my Julie to me, I never came across her till date & neither do I remember her face or name. Imagine, had I gone according to her & not followed the signs, the neither next day, nor Julie would have ever been there!

Julie the 2nd was extremely loving & compassionate, she wagged her tail like a dancer & hopped around in a unique way & I affectionately nick-named her Helen. My dog Caesar was 9 years old then & was a virgin. When he saw Julie the 2nd, it was evident to all that he was head over heels besotted by her. Even my cat Crass was cool towards her as Julie had great love to share with all. She soon mated with Caesar and became a proud mother of wonderful children: Chris, Jessiah, Janvi, Cleopatra & Joshua, she simply doted on them, the ones in my custody, the rest of the litter were given away in the care of my near & dear ones. She made my life so complete, expanded my family & filled my house with mirth & cheer. Once I brought home another kitten, a tomcat, named him Caleb, guess who mothered & reared him, yes my Julie the 2nd & she carried him everywhere around, without hurting him & milked him. They were inseparable & Caleb is more like her, very affectionate & does not in the least behave like a feline & is more of a canine! The following years were also teaching me a lot in terms of life, faith & Jesus. So Julie, her kids & I, were all growing up at the same time, {pun intended}. Jesus evolved me in many-many ways, I was no more the childish/ obstinate/immature/raw self, the one, during the days of the demise of Julie the 1st. Jesus too must be happy now that He no more has to pamper me to the extent to grant irrational desires of my heart, now I pamper Him a little bit here & there by being obedient to His will.


Julie the 2nd passed away when she was 11 yrs. old, & this time I was beside her & she died in my arms, I witnessed the whole process of her death, it was also the first time I ever saw anyone dying & Yes, I was crying in a controlled manner. And hold your breath… she died on the same day as Julie the 1st…2nd January, 2007. Any doubts now that she was sent back to me, having the same dates of birth & death! Yes now  too I  need to have a Julie in my life, out of sentiments, but with no demands for “Her” to come back again & again just for my whim. When Jesus did so much for the sake of His love for me, how I can dare to put Him on a test, He is indeed far above & beyond it! Nevertheless, just to have a “Julie” in life as per my obsession to the name, I recently got home, on the 17th of Feb. 2010, a female Cocker Spaniel, golden coloured, & named her” Julie the 3rd.” & on the 24th of the same month n year, got home a male black Cocker Spaniel, & have named him Chris the 2nd. They are simply adorable pups! Life is awesome & I pray for the same for each of you, who patiently went through this saga of “Julie”. Do give me your feed -back & do let me know as to what would you like to know of me or share with me… yes… besides my adorable pets! Lord bless you all & TOUCH you. Halleluya!