It is written that Lord God is the true healer…YAHOWA ROPHA… in Hebrew! Also known is the fact that Jesus Christ means… Our Saviour/Our Messiah! Undoubtedly I have witnessed many healings of all sorts, occur in the name of Jesus Christ & have also witnessed in the church, during the worship sessions, evil spirits that were manifested in certain people, fleeing from the church premises by the very forceful mention of the name of Jesus Christ & the call upon His precious blood! It truly was an experience; of course it froze me to a degree! Whereas prior to that, I was peaceful enough by conveniently fooling/convincing me to believe that such spirits did not exist. It suited me this way as such topics always gave me the jitters! Soon I overcame this fear as I realized that in my life I have personally never encountered “it”, as Jesus is my Saviour; & I would further never allow it by maintaining a pious life! As my pastor Rani always says… do not open the door for such filth, rather keep the good walk steadfast on the way of the Lord! Fear is not from the spirit of God…yes, fear comes from the Satan. How defiantly antagonistic Satan is to the Healer, with his ways of lies, treachery n destruction! Steal, kill and destroy is the formula of Satan’s three-fold attack! BEWARE!

     Decades n decades back, I remember, how doctors were looked up to, almost revered alike the Healer! After all, they too are meant to save the lives of people. I bet they were in the least money-minded, troublesome or opportunistic brutes! Rather they were selfless in their diligence! That’s the reason why they became family doctors! There are many families, wherein descendants to descendants galore, patronize the same doctor. Such was a surgeon in my family too…Dr. R Kumar! I had heard in numerous praises of him, & I held my breath when I finally had to face him for an appendix operation! I was 11 years old & he was a middle ager then, but even to this date, I have not forgotten his face or personality. I vividly remember his good looks…he was tall, rosy n handsome! It was difficult to accept him as an Indian; he looked more of an Italian. His soothing voice, deep penetrating eyes & a gentle touch n genuine care could sweep any female of any age group, off her feet! Post-op, I had to remain in the nursing home for some days. Whenever he would pay a visit to me, I could hear him calling out to me right from the corridor, saying…”now where is my beautiful little heroine?” I wondered why he addressed me in such a fashion; in spite of me being aware of my striking looks & blond hair, I blushed & gushed in his presence! Honestly I confess that he was the only man I could relate to my Dad, besides him I have come across no man on earth who could have been capable of it!  In this doctor’s presence, I bet one could easily feel good about being unwell! Ironically I felt unwell when I had to leave the hospital n return home, I miss him to this date, though am sure that he must not be living on this earth anymore. Those days whenever I saw a post-op scar on anybody, it was big fat & ugly, whereas mine was hardly visible. Later got to know that Dr. R. Kumar had told mom that since I was a female, he did not want to disfigure my body with a scar & therefore had taken enough care & precaution to give me internal stitches, which was quite rare those days. I was bowled to know that, & thank n cherish him endlessly for so!

        Decades and decades later… today…I yet have to come across such doctors! Of course barring a few, one mostly comes across a bunch of lethal snipers. Some of them do not even hold genuine degrees/ documents/ certificates, forget the rest! Some of them are only interested in their vested interests… even if the formula is the familiar one…steal, kill n destroy!

   As a teen-ager I was very skinny, almost flat, was doing a film, my director wanted me to put on some weight as per the standard of an Indian heroine in accordance of those years! It played in my mind & I knew I had to look for a female doctor, to be comfortable enough to tell her how I wanted to put on weight at the right places! I located one in the Juhu area n coyly shared the problem. I expected her to laugh at me n to say that it wasn’t in the least possible, but was quite surprised when she coolly affirmed the possibility. After emphasising on the required days n fees, she all a sudden asked me, “Have you made love?” I was dumbstruck, then with enough courage I counter questioned,” Why? I mean how is it connected to the aim I came here for?” She sheepishly replied, “well, I was just wondering what the secret of your beauty n glow is!” I just smiled as I could not decide that whether this was a compliment/cynicism/jest. I rushed out soon after confirming to come for the treatment the next day. My next encounter was worse than the previous one; as I landed in her clinic, I spotted a handsome, cat-eyed hunk staring back at me. The lady doctor broke the ice by introducing him as her brother, I politely paid my greetings, and soon she took me to another cabin, consisting of a cot, some electrical gadgets & a bowl of some ointment. She asked me to wrap myself in a sheet so that she could give me a massage & then her brother would use the gadgets on me as she was stiff scared of electrical appliances. I somehow sensed that some-thing was horribly fishy & immediately I excused myself from there on the pretext that I wasn’t aware that it would take so long & therefore would come the next day with more time at hand. She looked disappointed but I was relieved to get out of there & this surely was the “the end” of any such aspirations of improving via the aid of people!

       Whenever I wish to go for any Ayurvedic or Homeopathic treatment for any health problem, one should not miss the look on my Dad’s face. He comes back home grumbling n fuming after paying off the exorbitant fees n medical billings. He is right in his place as in his hey days, none of such doctors charged so much; in Dad’s words…”they loot us now!”

     Then there is yet another clan, which is dangerously most common these days; the ones who would love to solve your problem at any cost, but in the bargain, send you back gifting a baggage of side-effects & an array of newly discovered diseases… how? See for yourself.  A friend of mine woke up one morning with a stiff neck; she was in no state to even move from her bed. There was no option left but to call for a physio-therapist. The physio-therapist came, did her bit, charged hefty amounts & left, this went on for a week, there was no change in her neck condition; the only change was in her wallet, it had unloaded a lot. Soon her family dragged her to a doctor, who gave her a shot, assuring that she would be absolutely fine in a day or so. You bet she was normal, even before she could dwell in gratitude that how the doctor healed her & saved her of any further loss of time n money; she found out that it was all due to a steroid shot, which in the coming years may or may not hamper her, in any whichever way it chooses to. Any such unaware/ unsuspecting patient would not even connect the two! Is it not a Catch 22 situation, falling from the frying pan to the fire?

    Last year I had visited a hospital for a routine check-up. I of course was over-weight, so the doctor after a lecture on good health, enrolled me with a particular dietician. On her insistence, I went ahead with a package for two months, paid the full amount. I confessed to her that I am a cola person, cannot swallow my meals without it, the root cause of my weight problem. I thought she would chide me for so but was surprised when she gave me the diet–chart wherein I was permitted to drink Diet- coke as much as I wanted to! All my previous guilt disappeared in seconds; soon I was drinking gallons n gallons of it undauntedly. Least did I realize that all she was concerned with were the calories, not my health! Within a fort-night, {being fully paid}, the dietician disappeared… so did my “good” health/ money/ figure … Huh!  I then joined a slimming parlour, to look pretty n slim, shelled out a bomb, only to run away after a couple of months with wobbly knees/ lack of calcium & similar weight!

   Another clan is of those doctors n hospitals, wherein they just admit you  right on your arrival, without batting an eye-lid; force all sorts of tests on you, & by the end of it, both parties realize that there wasn’t any such drastic problem in the first place, & even if there was any, it could have been detected without much fuss; one is left to return home only after signing a heavy cheque for these unflinching souls! This is also very common amongst some of the vets these days, humanity is in the dumps, leave alone humans, these callous/ dispassionate people are not even sparing the innocent animals.

    Ever been pally to some doctors? Must hear the statements they make, they call the monsoons a “good season”, as maximum amount of people fall sick due to mosquito-bites or weather etc. & land up to them, n their pockets are full. In a nut shell our recovery/ ailment is nothing to them… they only understand the language of the “moolah”! For most of them, we are either Guiney-pigs or Goats of slaughter! I once over-heard a doc. say, “ we know that a cup of hot milk can lead to severe acidity, even an animal quits his mother’s milk after a point, it’s only the human who stays glued to it to the last; but if we say so to the mothers, they will stop visiting us!”

     When I got married, 5 years ago, my husband Amit Joshua, was suffering from major tooth infection, & to top, a kidney with multiple stones. The church kept him in constant prayers. One morning, he & me were praying together, & as I put forward my petition to Jesus Christ to heal his problem, I heard my husband thanking Him joyfully with repetitions of” I am healed”! At first I thought he was saying so in faith, only when he dashed for the sink, after the prayer, to spit out the secretion in his mouth, did I realize that Lord had healed him during the prayer. Our prayer was further answered when the latter sonography report of his refuted his former report; stating the absence of any stone…not even a trace of it! My husband was swept off his feet by the love/ healing/ power of the Saviour Jesus! A.J. adores Him after having tasted Him! To this day he moves freely under HIS potent healing. I have both the reports till now as a testimony! Is not Yahowa Ropha so full proof in His healing, concern & love! No baggage too, just blessing & blessings! Whereas the counter-feit healer of the world is still foot-loose to steal, kill & destroy! It is for us to distinguish boldly between the Satan & THE SAVIOUR! Halleluya to the Saviour!