To my people!

    With the advent of 2011, I have been flooded with queries on my professional n personal front, I was trying to deal with it on an individual basis, but then it did encumber me so much that I take this as the best way out to reach out to my people, for once n  for all.

     First n foremost I would like to thank all of you from the core of my heart, for the love, care n concern you bestow on me. It is also so wonderful that you all are in constant touch with me, whether it’s the face book, blog or twitter. I love it when you read my posts, appreciate it & send in your comments n views.

     Herein I share of that, for which I was mum on, all these months. But for the genuine concern and constant probing, I had to break my silence on it!  Well yes, I have been facing certain situations since last couple of months! Basically, after every daily soap of mine, I prefer taking a sabbatical, to keep in touch with myself & to recharge myself for any further challenge of life! This time I was very eager to enjoy a season of the long awaited holidays! Had literally planned out a life style n routine for so but it hardly lasted!

     At First, some family people were not keeping well, no sooner that was tackled, one of my pets… Jessiah fell terribly ill. Once her problem got detected, after in numerous tests, as she was 13 years old; I accepted to get her operated in spite of her age as there was no other option left! Due to her illness she had already lost a lot of blood. I was hoping against hopes for her to recover, trying my best for her, & in the bargain I kept ignoring an excruciating pain in my left arm n shoulder. I took the pain as some strain/muscle pull, so did not tend to it. Within a month it got so bad that I had to see a doctor, was frozen to know that I had a frozen shoulder; would have to go for regular physio therapy treatments! A frozen shoulder takes months to heal.

      To add on to this test was the frantic n plum offers I kept receiving from production houses, since they knew that I had just got free from my previous serial…Bidaai & they wanted to sign on me before someone else could. See the irony, I know how some actors tire themselves out to get work, & here I was loaded with them without any effort, & I had to REFUSE 12 offers in a couple of months! Could not even tell them the real problem, therefore kept refusing on pretext of lame excuses; I hope they read this and understand now that why their tempting offers were over looked by me!

      Day in & day out, my world n entire concern was Jessiah & my arm. Both were in a terrible state! In days my arm did not move an inch, felt totally handicapped! With patience I tried to combat the situation, though truly it could have been very frustrating. Jessiah & I kept together in the room, for endless hours, gaping at one another, enduring the rough n tough phase.

    However, my arm is just 50% better as of now, & the horrid strong medicines that I was put on to by my physio therapist, further aggravated my health, I even went through certain physical re-actions, while going through the anti-dotes for the previous medicines… a vicious cycle of popping so many pills! No wonder it triggered me to write my previous post…Doctor doctor…! Yes I did not mention this aspect of mine in that post, as I wanted my people to know of it, in a distinctive manner.

        Where Jessiah is concerned, she fooled me on the 1st April, 2011, with her death. She gave up her spirit right in my vigilance… in spite of battling it out since a couple of months & had made it evident to all that she had not wished to die! Yes it is awful to lose on your loved ones but as Jesus said that each one will have to go through a physical death on this earth, to regain our glorified bodies; but a spiritual death is what we have to be wary about, as that would only lead to the pit!

     So folks this is it so far, wish you all the very best in life, continue in your love & let’s keep each other in our prayers! Jesus is with us all! AU RE-VOIR!



  1. With you,howsoever vicariously, in the passing out-rather than away-of Jessiah.A pet lover oneself,one can fully understand what such a loss means.They-our “mute”?! friends-come unbidden into our lives,enrich our lives with their very being with us and pass out of their beings,leaving us emotionally impoverished,yet spiritually enriched,no matter what religious denomination we are affiliated to!May HE bless you with the retention of only the best memories of Jessiah..Take care..

  2. Hello Seema :)…My name is Mariana,i’m a big fan of ” Bidaai” and yours.In Romania this serial is real successful since it is broadcast ( since november 2010). We love all the actors (characters) including you (your character has a very strong personality and I think also you have it too 😉 Reading these lines I want to wish you good health,take care of yourself because nothing is more important than health ( you did well ; you put it in first place ;)…other offers will come if you have the most precious gift, namely health…I wrote you because I want you to know that you are loved in Romania (a country in Southeastern Europe)…and that we are an Orthodox Christian nation…and we love you…Take care 😉

  3. hi seema ji,
    reading your blog is very interesting, but miss you loads on facebook. how is your arm now. take care of yourself and be in touch. love ya loads.

    your greatest fan and friend

  4. hi seemaji……… umm take care….. we all fans of your will pray to god tht u get well soon……. !! 😀 🙂 miss u…… nd one more thing.. were u on facebook?? coz der ws a id of seema kapoor on facebook,,, had a doubt whether it was fake…… nyway wish to see u on facebook……. ❤ u,,,,,, take care,,,,,,!! 😀

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