Who is a MAN !!!

       Adam… the first man on earth, was made by God in His own image! Now can one ever vividly fathom the intensity level of this declaration? In HIS image, in the image of that God who undoubtedly is the Omnipresent, Omnipotent & Omniscient! Is there any replica of the magnitude of God…Hah! Yet God had intended to make Adam so, that God, who is Wisdom, intelligence, knowledge, love, power etc. etc…name it! It takes a human genius endless decades to explore, investigate, culminate n conclude the mastermind works of God, but, which for God… Is as simple as… “Let there be light, LET THERE BE…”!

Adam was meant to be the heir to that God, all on his platter, by the sheer love of God; but how could satan digest or even swallow this glory of man, and presto, the entire future n history of mankind alters, to the point of degeneration! Why? How? The repercussion of the first man’s inappropriate choice n decision! Today the men sprawling on this earth are actually the off spring… of the… degenerated Adam!

  A man is a man who is known n acknowledged by his manhood, his attributions are likely to that of God, as he was made in His image & that is why he is supposed to be the Head, the master, the provider, the protector…just as GOD is…YAHOWA NISSI our banner of victory, YAHOWA JIREH our provider, YAHOWA ROPHA our healer, YAHOWA SHALOM our peace, YAHOWA YERI our shepherd & so on! God is an epitome of purity, love, perfection, strength, power, justice, wisdom, kindness, generosity…the one to whom we can look up to & surrender our entire beings to, just as a bride does to her bridegroom in an assurance of eternal bliss! After all she belongs to him, did God not make this clear when He made Eve out of Adam’s rib, to state once n for all that the woman is part of the man, his very being, his every-thing, his love, his companion, his confidante, his responsibility!

 A man of God is a man who is… {Not even supposed to be}…who is… PURE. Without any filth, treachery, malice, perversion, connivance, negativity, ego, pride, anger. Remember, a companion cannot be a stranger, a protector cannot be an assaulter, a friend cannot be a foe, a provider cannot be a user, a healer cannot be a tormentor, a lover cannot be a hater or a hitter, a peace-maker cannot be an abuser, a master cannot be a dictator! If it is the other way round, then he is not a MAN or MAN ENOUGH! There should be no place for such dual or dubious personalities!

The entire scenario & concept of mankind n manhood has dreadfully n drastically degenerated & is worsening as time is moving ahead. Let me describe the degenerated satanic offspring who are known or crave to be known as a man! They are a bunch of male chauvinistic beings, who walk on their homelands n homes like some aliens left loose, prying on people, their kith n kin as predators, when they open their mouths, hey gurgle n mumble some words out which can easily put The great Khali or a roaring lion to shame. They throw their weight around better than a sumo wrestler, their bloated heads are filled with baseless ego, unworthy pride, repulsive filth, unwelcomed suspicion n unresolved accusations!

Women are just objects n laurels of their conquests of lust, regarded as lowly beings, to be abused, thrashed, humiliated, suppressed, used, tortured physically/ morally/ mentally/ socially. In the bargain they forget all their prior vows n commitments made to them, least do they realize that it’s not being manly by being infidel, rather only a real man sticks to his commitments n his woman! Rather than fault finding n falsehood to safeguard his roving eye, he should know that his woman’s respect is his respect, the requirements, needs, desires n demands of his woman are but his! She is his Eve! He is answerable to every quest of her; he is to be mature & responsible for each of his/her actions n deeds. So is his case towards his children also. It’s also not just a duty but his moral n ethical obligation & prerogative!  If a man thinks that he is a man who can boost his so called polygamous nature & professional/ social status by nurturing all sorts of tricks of the trade, then he should be a man enough to stay out of relationships, Commitments & social/moral declarations. As he is then only apt for the dens n dungeons!

Who is a man…the one who is gentle, mature, loving, understanding, wise, caring, confident, strong, successful, humble, kind, generous, giving, amiable, intelligent, Fidel n the likes… or the FAKE, UNWORTHY ONE, who is harsh, uncouth, treacherous, shaky, with multiple complexes, a liar, weak, slimy, egotist, selfish, self-centered, infidel, torturous, a bird head, rude, a user n a loser!

Who is a man… the one who shelters or the one who exposes, one who defends or the one who accuses, the one who loves or the one who despises, the one who understands or the one who abuses, one who trusts or one who lays allegations, the one who remains silent or the one who brags, the one who is committed, straight, honest or the one who goes astray, dupes n cons. The one who is polished, sophisticated, well groomed, classy, an all rounder or the one who is messy, unkempt, depressed, high handed, a pseudo who bothers not at all to clear his trash or  flush the toilet n bars the kitchen to prove his manhood! Men who are not SHAMMAHS (is there for You) but shams, no wonder it is no more a man’s world, no more such men can be looked up to but rather they lower our eyes with disgust!

Look at the second Adam… Jesus… He was pure, loving, forgiving, righteous, sincere, true, and spotless; no alluring tactics of the satan ever could tempt Him & deviate Him from His path & integrity. He loved us, healed us, protected us, won us, saved us & was  “Man enough” to lay even His life for our   sake, as the power of His Word was enough; where is that mettle to be found/ re-discovered in the rest of the Adams, who unabashedly walk on planet Earth n think they are Men. Who & where is the REAL ADAM, who was made in the image of God, to whom not only women would look up to as their head but also  generations would look up to as their master & to whom even God would beamingly look at with utter pride! If only one could follow the example of Jesus Christ & not Lucifer…there would have been a MAN!!!