An SOS…. From my in-laws

One of the Ten Commandments state …“Honour thy father and mother”.  The irony of life is that how at times simple things can pose to be so complicated & also vice versa. Hence, struggles commence within n reach the core, in an effort to combat the queasy restlessness that lies within, being aware of the stark reality that lingers around! Yet there is a dogma at hand, that, in faith cannot be refuted, but prevailing conditions make it so difficult to abide with, by each passing day!

Such is my case, wherein, I sincerely desire to live & abide… by my faith…through the faith and… for the faith! The 10 commandments/10 laws & the two major laws that our Savior Jesus commanded us to adhere to, is the ultimate conduct of any Christian, the base of christianism! I too would not wish to go against His will, yet it becomes so cumbersome when one comes across some unscrupulous people who belong to a world of treachery & abide by deceitful ideals! No holds barred in their vested & manipulative endeavours!

Here also is a case of a father and mother, supposed to be honoured, but are they worthy of so… is my dilemma! Well, they are the parents of my husband! How typical? No… they are yards further!


When I had first met my husband, some 6 years back… I was least interested in men, (not that I was interested in women, a taboo in my faith too!), I was going through a state of disillusion towards men, mankind & “love”!  A.J.(my hubby), seemed so opposite of me in every respect, yet, we clicked! Therefore I decided to return our rapport with a favour; I decided to make him my brother! Though it surprised me too, as I was not in the least in practice of making brothers either!

In a couple of days we were painting the town red together, maintaining our brotherly-sisterly affection! We were even together on the Valentines, not confessing love but confessing our innermost secrets! I even permitted him to visit me at my place, a rare practice, reserved for only a few chosen ones! At times I wondered what was in him for which I was breaking my own self imposed rules! I casually shrugged off the signs by being convinced that he was just a good guy, rarely to be found & yes….if I had come across someone like him in my life, I surely would have married him, BUT this one is a brother!

 What is destined…is destined! However hard you try to stick to your convictions, what is written, will take place & much later, one grasps the other side of it! All the time I spent with A.J., not once I could gage that he was my… would be husband! Soon a day arrived which worked totally in the favour of our actual destiny, & here were we, gaping at each other with this new angle/twist to our relationship! You bet! We did not waste any time brooding over the present situation, & whole heartedly accepted each other and welcomed this fresh prospect, wittingly in our lives, for keeps!  Amen!

Now it was our moral & social obligation to declare it to our parents & the society. A.J. was very confident that his parents would accept us as they loved him beyond anything on earth! I knew my dad would not take it A.J was younger than me! Surprisingly. .. It turned out to be a reversed scenario. My dad gave in after clearing certain doubts but A.J.’s parents were unpredictable! On receiving the news they wanted to ponder over it for a day, the next day his mom called him up, (as they reside in some other city), & threatened to kill herself! Yet, a day later, they announced that they would soon visit us & sort things out, & finally when they arrived, they were singing another tune! It seemed so messy that it led me through a series of mental trauma! A.J. was forced to announce “Quits” to me!!!

After a couple of days spent in dismay, I receive a call from his mom that she wants to meet me, as she was not comfortable staying with A.J.’s  room-mate’s  mom,  as the two had picked up some foolish squabble over some petty household matters! Once we met, all seemed to go pretty well. A.J. & I were happy for so, but it was short lived, as the next day, she was back on her pranks!

Soon his father arrived too & after a major heated discussion with the son, surprisingly decided to meet me. Both the parents dropped in, I was prepared for the obvious questions to be poured at me, but was taken aback when the only questions darted at me were…. How big was my apartment? How many square feet? How many rooms? What’s the existing price of so? Etc.  Etc. It put me off but I remained poised.  After a couple of hours of cross examining, they took us for dinner & announced that they were in favour of our marriage, as they found me to be an angel,(larki toh Pari hai), & expected me to be a daughter to them! I by all means wanted to oblige!

Once they left after a rosy picture, they never stuck to their words n commitments. Each day would bring in a new story, a new accusation, and a new game! In seconds they altered their words from person to person, at first I thought they were fickle-minded, but soon we started grasping the situation.  We got aware of their black intentions &their dubious character. Finally we gave up on waiting upon them & the line was drawn when they got down to a very filthy n abusive language! A.J.  was heartbroken when he got to face the true colours of his so called father n mother, whom he loved so dearly & had faith in. He was ashamed of them!  

On the wedding front also, they had invariably confused us by shifting their priorities on the custom of the wedding. My dad finally put his foot down when one day they mentioned that they were getting offers of marriage for their son for a crore of rupees! It was clear that they expected me to be their puppet, offer all my possession in their slimy hands. Dad then gave us a green signal to go for a court marriage.

 Oh yes! Meantime, A.J. was baptized by his own will, as the more he tasted Jesus, the more his faith perfected! He realised why I was so staunchly into Jesus! We shared our problems with our pastor Raniji, I knew my Jesus would never let me down, soon the whole church stood for us, they stood as our father and mother & organized every-thing for our wedding! So… soon we had a court & a church wedding! Nothing could have been more beautiful than this. We were the first to get married in our church & opened a way for the others to follow suit! Jesus was the centre witness of our wedding & I was elated for so! When A.J.’s parents were told of so, they were hopping mad & wanted A.J. to divorce me, right after our marriage! A.J. chose to pay no heed to them! Amen!


It has been 6 years now; they have not given up on separating us! Every call made to their son was to put him against me, least do they realize that they have lost on their son by their own deeds! A.J.  has severed all ties with them, as they tortured him on the phone, threatened him at all calls, once when he urgently needed his certificates to establish his career, they  refused to send it to him, endangering his future & career, on purpose. In the last 6 years they never bothered to aid him in any way, rather blackmailed him that they would disown him of being an heir & that he should not claim anything of his heritage, A.J. agreed to it, yet, they further troubled him ceaselessly; but never once asked of his welfare, never wished him on his birthday/ anniversary, never spoke to him lovingly or in an understanding way, all they have demanded is to abandon me & join them, obviously for their selfish reasons, the happiness n well-being of their son means nothing to them!!! 

Every year, they pop out of the blue, wander around on the sly, at the area where I reside, catch hold of my peace-loving neighbours & shop keepers & leave no grounds to malign my name, they do not realize that they are unnecessarily bothering them & us! They use all fabricated stuff like…. My Father is not my father but some old man I live with, I ask them of hefty amounts, I have done black magic on their son etc. etc.  people who know me, laugh at them, as they know who my dad is & what he means to me, I am too successful to ask of anyone for anything, I do not believe in taking anything of sinners as it is any way cursed; I as a Christian do not believe in black magic/legalism/ tantriks/ pundits/ idols etc…. rather I hate all of it & only believe in the power of the True Living God!!! There is a hindi saying that “choron ko saare nazar aate hai chor”! Least do they know that if their black magics & evil doings are not working on me is BECAUSE I HAVE JESUS!!! Nothing can work against me permanently because of Jesus!


They have made many attempts to even kidnap A.J. I can imagine what all stunts they must have tried for me too. If my death is not a natural one….then my people… know that they are responsible of it! Yet, so far they have failed to separate my husband & me… the bible says… what God puts together, no one can put it asunder!

In spite of all this, my dilemma was as to how could I refute the Ten Commandments, how could I not honour these so called.. father & mother! With time I realized that such unworthy people cannot be a mother or a father in the truest sense. People who are not biological parents can also prove to be the true father & mother; my church was a living example during my wedding! Soon… I got my answer through the bible itself….it says….refrain from evil and evil-doers! A.J & I are doing so….resisting & refraining from such EVIL!!! Over and above….who can be a better father than… Our Father in Heaven…our YAHOWAH !!! ABBA FATHER!!!


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