The sardonic stillness of this stagnated, traumatic eerie night,

Is brutally killing me bit by bit with its icy overpowering might.


  I am awfully lonesome, so crudely abandoned, as none is with me

Except my earnest pets, dog Caeser, cat Crass & Julie, my lovely she.


They vivaciously awake with me, drowsily sleep in sheer pleasure,

Together we share exquisite moments, which we positively treasure.


 We dote on one another, our hearts, our souls are unanimously one,

We pine for each other, any space for iniquity, we undoubtedly shun.


 How contrary to the strange humans prevailing on this strange earth,

Where malice, treachery & fast fallible scruples have just no dearth.


 Time has indeed drastically changed, all sprinting on the fast lane,

Whereas integrity, empathy, endearment are stamped in disdain.


 The route is of endless temptations, the rule is of no holds barred,

Mechanised bodies, blood a white fluid, humanity entirely jarred.


  These nonchalant beings boldly proclaim to thrive & rule the roost,

”Survival of the fittest”, renders to their bloated egos, a solid boost.


 Condemned are often the meek, the puritans, by these sons of Satan,

But behold! Aren’t we all from dust & unto dust shall we all return.


  Why do they recklessly head towards the eternal blazing fire of hell,

Why designate one to that creepy abode, where slimy demons dwell.


  Why not liberate from the captive clutches of ludicrous temptation,

To lead an immaculate longevity of eternity & God’s gifted salvation.


  So let’s all sacredly kneel & entreat to our Lord, the Almighty above,

To sermonize sanctity & retain the rectitude of His prodigious love.


  For this darkness to forfeit to the glorious dawn that’s much awaited,

To infuse lives with inexhaustible bliss, afflictions forever depleted.


          8TH JUNE 1996.


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  1. Dear Seema ji,
    First of all here’s wishing you both merry christmas and a happy new year. How are you both keeping? Sorry it took me so long to write to you. I’ve been so busy with my studies and work etc. but i do find time in reading your blog, and must say wow, keep up the great writing :-). by the way welcome back to the shows. loved both the shows u r in now. and we all miss u on facebook. well… no matter what character you are in your daily soaps whiether it is negative or a positive character we still love you. and you will always my idol and my hero.
    by the way we had our christmas carol service. and i was a star. as i had a solo to sing at first and then a reading at the end of the carol service. which went well. wished you were there. ok got to go. will write a long one soon. i wish i could get to meet u some day. as that is one of my ardent wishes to meet my idol and hero who has inspired me alot and still is. one of my new year resolution wishes is to meet you someday and i hope my wish comes true.

    take care and be in touch

    your greatest and hugest fan


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