The recent wave of Annaji has swept all n sundry with its electrifying tide! For years I was praying to come across a person, who would stand for the people of India, be their voice, well versed with their cries n agony, bring about not just an awakening but bring a renaissance; a revival; for the rights & birth rights of the countrymen… not just… specific common men!

    I was very excited to witness Annaji & Kiran Bediji! My respect multiplied by leaps & bounds for them; as, like any other Indian, I too hope & wish for the upgrading, prosperity n progress of every Indian; as this indeed is the matter of our life & death, our existence, our future!

      Being fully aware of the plight of us Indians, over the past endless decades, I personally feel & agree too, that it is no different from the times of the reign of foreigners! Where lifestyle/development/evolution is concerned, this too would have taken place even then, with the advent of every new era & modern times! So what’s the big deal! What can the leaders of today actually boast of? At least the ratio of crime, corruption, inflation, justice, riots & bomb blasts etc. etc. was far far lesser then, than today!!!

    I also wished that we should have more & more people like Annaji, Kiranji & likes, so that we do not have to be dependent on one person & wait upon him alone! The more the better, as then there would be several such honest & daring people, who would not just stand for the cause but also get it implemented, by dividing & sharing the burden & responsibility of Annaji! I loved the response & fervour of the people towards Annaji, & prayed that it should never subside or die off… rather this fervour should always be there, not only for a particular person, but for the nation & the rights of its people; with new lucrative ideas & system, for the betterment of all!

     Today, with the speech of Annaji, I was left speechless! My heart bled to realise where this wave was flowing towards! People are calling him a Messiah! Hah!!! When Jesus Christ, the true Messiah had come, he did not preach, heal or save only a selective clan or a sect, he had come to save the entire mankind & die for each & every person born on planet Earth! Whoever understood & believed became His follower, no wonder His faith multiplied & crossed every territory, every ocean, and every boundary! Why? Because Jesus stood for everyone, His cause and sacrifice was not in favour of a selective few!!! That’s the reason why we “Born Agains”, do not practice religion, but we strongly adhere to a true relationship with God!!!

       Explicitly, Annaji’s mission should have been a cause for all the Indians, as the Indians unfortunately do consist of the higher, middle & lower classes! Why then Annaji addressed & spoke for the concerns of only farmers/ Dalits/labourers, & thereby deviated from the actual root cause…. corruption…. which every Indian is facing!  Indians are not just farmers/ dalits/ labourers!!! So why in his speech Annaji was only concerned of the welfare of certain people? Why the welfare of the rest was dismissed or over looked? This certainly gave me a chill!

     There is a suffering in our nation; the entire populace is suffering, especially the Middle class, then why are the sympathies reserved for only the selective lot! Are we not aware of the sufferings, suicides & frustrations of the middle-class too, in spite of sound backgrounds & education, are the middle-class not burdened of responsibilities, taxes, social enigma, vulnerability, bribe & dowry issues etc. etc.! In fact when Annaji was on his “Anshan” (hunger strike), the crowd supporting him majorly, consisted of the…Middle-class! The other two classes were sitting cool in their respective abodes.

       It is sad that we are yet forced to mention the” classes” even today…but it is the stark reality! In the past there was a caste system prevailing, thanks to Vidyasagar, Raja Rammohan Roy & many others, who with their steadfast stand achieved in abolishing it entirely! But classes do prevail. If one pictures the classes, then the synonyms that come in mind is….the high class: pride, power & ego! The lower class: big mouths asking for more & more, long hands that want to grab it all & appetites that are never sated! The rich manage to get their way with the ease of a maestro, the poor have nothing to hide, therefore no shame! But what do the middle-class have & die for…”izzat” & “sharam” (honour & self respect)! The rich & the poor in reality have nothing much to lose, but the middle-class is the endangered lot! If they lose on any of it, it is “FINITO’ for them!

    I remember as a child, my mom always threw fits of fury, whenever some labour class messed up with her! She would say the choicest of things, it hurt me because I would reason that all are human –beings, then why discriminate! As I grew up, I realised she was fair in a way! There is a particular class, mostly, however much you do for them, but they never dwell in obligation,gratitude or sincerity! They forget your goodness with the wink of an eye, there have been innumerous cases with the domestic helps too, however you treat them like family members, they break all rules, by thefts, murders, & all sorts of betrayal! Yet all the sympathies are reserved for this lot, all reservations are made for this particular class. Hence… the term…”equality”… is most mis- used!

      Has anyone realised that the rich & the middle class have obediently restricted themselves on child bearing, but the “minority”, is least bothered or worried. Check out on orphan .houses, you will know the ratio! They are the ones who are multiplying drastically…look around! With “equality” & “reservations”, not only are they favoured by an undeserving platter, but, if continued…. imagine…the inter mingling of such a class with the blue blood! What would the times ahead bear for us? Donot forget that all gory n criminal infiltrations & nuisances in our society, is mostly caused by such sources. Ayn Rand pinpointed to it in certain ways, but certain social/political elements hated her for obvious sympathies, & categorized her as a Capitalist! So then, now be prepared for what you will have to face in the near future… you see, too much pampering can spoil & take a different shape.

     However, what I want to say is…. treat everyone equally, but to snatch from one’s hands & give it to the other, for the sake of generosity & charity is not….EQUALITY! So Annaji should be careful that it is not so easy or simple to deal with such a delicate & sensitive matter, by just being idealistically concerned for the selective few! There are the others too, who strife not to look deprived but are the actual deprived! My worries n sympathies are with the middle-class, are they going to be yet left in the lurch! Pampering one &neglecting the other can lead to such dreadful consequences… has not history faced it and is yet facing in certain areas!!!

     We say we live in a “democratic country” but the fact is that our democracy has no tolerance for people’s opinions…we rather live in a… “diplomatic country”….where diplomats rule the roost & the countrymen, out of fear, have learnt to live in diplomacy too, the best way to safeguard them selves with! They never state the truth openly, but usually veil it with diplomatic words & a poltically correct attitude! Annaji & likes, I pray, focus on the middle-class too, and become a resounding voice for them! Since his mission/cause should not have been just the issues of the lower classes,… but the masses!!! God bless our nation & us….COUNTRYMEN!!!