I often tread unceasingly, on the fantasia path of euphoric love,

Candidly, all ominous phobias that impend, I recklessly shove.

Following hypnotically the silver gleam of that starry moment,

Reaching for the unfeasible target, that’s enticingly dominant.

Fervidly believing that I would this time sure-footedly succeed,

All my previous traumata, I would hereafter positively recede.

Eradicating the searing hurt embedded in my heart and mind,

I would engrave an idealistic milestone of its own sweet kind.

Presto! Oh do I? Do I hear and feel a familiar appalling alarm,

Or is it just my sub-conscious playing its hallucinating charm.

I halt, ponder, assure-re-assure, to the dismay of my affected pace,

Gosh! I head further to be led to entwine & entangle in a tangible lace.

I scream for my miraculous knight to unshackle me by his golden sword,

Engulf me in his steely embrace, reciprocating by this deserving reward.

Oh! I do hear the hoofs, I do hear the clattering of his ironic chains,

Yes! I sniff his aromatic presence & I stretch for his horse’s reins.

Alas! But my sight is in for a victimized shock, my mouth agape,

A Satan behind the mask butchers me to infinity via a mass rape.

I drop dead with a thud on the spot, like a metamorphic vegetable,

Never had I been more lost, disillusioned, grieved, bloody & vulnerable.

At last the clanking fades, vision blurs & finally the horror subsides,

My body twitches, my nerves & veins take drastic roller coaster rides.

I attempt to gather myself, convinced that it was an erroneous lane taken,

Least aware, tender hearts are invariably led to the route of the forsaken.



  1ST NOVEMBER 1996.


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