JOHN 1:1 says…In the beginning was the Word, and the Word was with God, and the Word was God!!! PSALMS 33:6 says…By the Lord’s decree*the heavens were made; by a mere Word from His mouth all the stars in the sky were created*. Luke 11:28 says… Blessed are those who hear the Word of God and obey it!!! The Bible reveals to us that that the Word was, is & will remain…the everlasting God!!! Through the Holy Book we also learn about the spiritual warfare, and also how the Satan Lucifer was banished from the heavens above for his intention to counterfeit God; he was forced to nose dive on earth & rules it ever since by all his treacherous ways in his make belief World! If “L” (Lucifer) is removed from the “worLd”… we have the Word (GOD)… this is the true secret/formula/standard to sustain our selves on planet earth, by bringing the Kingdom of GOD & to abide in His will. So, to live by the norms of the Word is…to live in obedience of God with Him as our sole Master& Saviour, but, to live by the norms of the world is…to follow the counterfeit god, the Satan, the Anti Christ!!!


Let us survey the world in which we live our daily lives, to the people,   situations, circumstances & fields/ areas/ fraternity, we connect/belong/deal/relate to!!! What is happening around us? Are we living in a perfect or ideal world? Are we peaceful? Satisfied? Happy? Dreams fulfilled to the core? The people we interact with? How is the generation of the past present and future? Up to the mark? Is anything or anyone up to the mark? Let us look beyond the superficial level and facade, is there perfection, truth, permanence, love, peace, joy, bliss???


Let us typically begin from our home and families! An acute scrutiny at the members will reveal the innermost facts at once! There will be spouses, parents, grandparents, children, siblings, relatives living in one or the other sphere of constant dissatisfaction, complain, insecurity (mental, emotional, physical, financial, social), jealousy, infidelity, greed, suspicion, covetousness, abuse, exploitation, depression, tension, accusations, allegations, misunderstanding, dominance, subjugation, past sorrows or laurels, incompetence, fault finding, incompatibility, impoverished, sickly, retaliation, revolt, directionless, rivalry, lonely, broken-hearted, hopeful, bickering, nagging, partiality, prejudice, plotting, petty or evil doings, comparisons, torture of sorts, pride, ego, insults, superiority/inferiority complexes, confusions, dilemma, unhygienic, ill treatment, etc. etc. etc…….huh…do I need to mention more, though this must be 10% of what actually exists!!!

Have a look at the work place! Colleagues/co-workers trying to run you down by every possibility, rather than being a helping hand or encouraging, they wait for mistakes, indulge in criticism n backbiting, they loathe your success, detest your perfection, spread false rumours, remain tongued tied for compliments/praise, play endless politics, cause frictions to divide n rule. Had they concentrated rather on themselves by channelizing all the energy on their work, they would have fared equally!!! But the more incapable they are of good work, the more the malice! Such double-faced crooks!!!

Whereas the bosses expect to extract from you as much as they can by defying all laws of professionalism and humanity; but when its due time to pay back for the services rendered, in cash or reward, they get a convulsion  to a degree of a heart stroke! But they do not bat an eye to the several corporate goons they keep recruited at the premises, who just prance around with an air so bloated that if noticed by the boss himself, in no time they would be sacked. But the irony is that in front of the boss they are tail wagging dogs who thrive on their respecting bones by catering to falsehoods and nurturing the boss’s weak ears with so!!!

How about schools, colleges, institutes???  Are they safe enough for the children/teens/adolescents of our times? Are they away from bribery, exploitation, favouritism, discrimination, condemnation, unhealthy n unfit standards and scenarios? If so then there would not be endless cases of abused & tortured students in the hands of the assumable refined authorities.

How about hospitals and doctors? Where uncompassionate racketeers of exploitation, crimes, profit making roam around so scot-free! Where the business of abortions, organ trafficking, contaminated blood transfusions, false reports, exchanging/ robbing infants, gory exploitation of the children and both the sexes is becoming so common yet hair raising!

Aye! Throw the spotlight on our national security people, our police, and army/air force/navy people! There too are certain herds of frustrated/ lecherous people, who protect the country and humans less, & inflict atrocities on a much higher and gruesome level! Corrupted souls, who can go to any extent to manhandle the country n countrymen by their dubious position and power!!! Can also go to any levels of trading country secrets & ammunition!!!

What about the law and the several black attired advocates and judges of so! Are they ethical enough to pay justice to anyone and that too on time, or their verdict is mostly influenced by the crispy green notes offered; that too after a painful ordeal of dates & dates  in a row for years, by the time the matter is so stale that there is no further desire left in an individual to seek justice!

Ah! How can we leave aside our religious leaders; who expect us to walk a walk of righteousness with God? If you closely observe them, they are far far away from God, His path & His righteousness! Their only “mantra “is to crush the poor souls to the dust on moral grounds & empty their pockets in the name of charity, while they never exile/deprive themselves of the worldly luxuries n comforts. They indulge in all sorts of evil practices in the name of religion and God, making false images of Gods, wasting money n time in legalism, brain washing people into “tantras”/” “mantras”, human n child exploitations n sacrifices, false doctrines etc. etc.; is God even remotely with them?! I doubt!!!

Our dear dear media people!!! Can we exempt them out of our topic? No way José!!! Well they work less for the rights of humanity and more for the big wigs! Every issue or event is shown in a different light altogether! False claims and headings are highlighted more for impact rather than the real plight of the victim or situation, where the facts are actually reduced to inconspicuous prominence!!! All is manipulated for their vested/saleable interests only.


Come to the sports arena, how many are fit n sturdy? How many have got the opportunity of their lifetime to prove their talent or aptitude? How many have the aids n facilities, which belong to them? How many value sportsmanship & how many value rigged shows n match fixing? How many take the aid of a good diet, exercise, building their stamina or training well & how many just rely on doses of drugs/steroids!!! Are they playing for their nations or are they playing with themselves???

How about the government, its offices/units/bodies, the members of the parliament, the so called white collared beings, who possess and deal with nothing of truth or white, except their starched white attires! The white collars/ bureaucrats, impose taxes in the name of development, is it to the mark??? The gold collars/aristocrats, impose mills n malls in the name provision, is it to the mark??? The black collars/legal acrobats, impose law n order in the name of justice, is it to the mark??? The blue collars/ the labouring artefacts of mankind, impose hefty wages in the name of workmanship, is it to the mark???


You see this was just a glimpse, a peek into the world we live in! The magnitude of the world is equivalent to the magnitude of depravity existing simultaneously in its society! A world, wherein, it’s insane people, are engrossed/submerged in all sorts of clandestine activities. Where murder, theft, kidnapping, extortions, treachery, smuggling, deception, false doctrines, impostors, rapes, adultery, human trafficking, human sacrifices, devil worship, idolatry, fake livelihood have just no dearth! Children are ill treating parents, killing them too on petty issues n desires, so are the parents in certain cases! Children are brutally killed, raped, murdered, used; leave aside the adults!  And so on and so much more!!!

The World has such extortive demands that it takes us to the verge of being suicidal….BUT the WORD has such simple n pure demands/commands/laws that it has the power to lead us to an everlasting life!!!… The laws are the TEN COMMANDMENTS!!! What is it? Have a look at its simplicity n holiness!

1: Thou shalt have no other gods before me!!!       

 2: Thou shalt not make unto thee any graven image!!!

3: Thou shalt not take the name of the Lord thy God in vain!!!

4: Remember the Sabbath day, to keep it holy!!!

5: Honour thy father and thy mother!!!

6: Thou shalt not kill!!!

7: Thou shalt not commit adultery!!!

8: Thou shalt not steal!!!

9: Thou shalt not bear false witness against thy neighbour!!!

10: Thou shalt not covet!!!


Are you amazed to know that it is as simple as this! Yes it is!!! But the conflicting world has confused the belief of mankind; and the bible says that confusion is not from God, so you can imagine who has crept in bearing confusion! No wonder mankind has been flouting these simple commandments right from 1 to 10. It has worshipped all other false gods like power, money, work, success, desires etc. BUT GOD! It has always handmade images n idols of God n worshipped it! How can men make the God who has created them? To top, they dwell in a fallacy n teach others to believe the logic that God comes n dwells in the idol of their choice! How many times we take God’s name in vain, by swearing, that too without any meaning or commitment, how many times we take His name just for an impact, or to spread His dread, or to accuse someone, or, for our vested interests! Do we bother to keep ourselves holy for Him? Do we chalk out a day or hours especially for Him? Or is a Friday/Saturday/Sunday, a holiday to freak out, a day meant for clubbing, going to pubs n to dance away without any meaning to it! You see, we ape certain cultures without realizing what the day was actually meant for! Do we pay respect to our parents or elders, or, are they really the ones, who ought to be respected & looked up to??? Are there not brutal killings, thefts, adulteries taking place, even though nothing is permanently beneficial!

Jesus said the biggest commandments are 1: Love & serve thy God with all thy heart, mind & strength!!! 2: Love thy neighbour as thine own self!!!  Do we… rather ironically…. can we! Neighbours who are so covetous, jealous, self centred, outright mean & full of complexities; and so are we!!!

 I believe it’s better to refrain from such covetous people in order to resist evil, than to hate them & dwell in bitterness which again can be very self destructive!!! Believe me I have been living on this one self imposed rule; it helps me in many ways & keeps me from sinning/ breaking the law of God!!! Though I sincerely seek His forgiveness for any kind of compromise in my obedience to Him & His Word!!!

What can really help us to live in this world is…following the prayer Jesus taught us, to pray n understand it, in spirit & in truth……” Our Father who is in heaven, holy be Your Name, Your kingdom come, Your will be done on earth as it is in heaven, give us today our daily bread & forgive us our sins, as we forgive those who sin against us, lead us not into temptations, but deliver us from all evil, for Yours is the kingdom, and the power & the glory forever and ever….Amen & Amen!!!        





  1. thenks seemaji you so nice person

  2. One of the commandments say “Thy shall not kill” why then the followers indulge in animal killing by opening slaughter houses where innumerable animals are killed? How can one be compassionate and loving to one specie and kill the other? How can we pet dogs and cats and feel their pain while we happily put cows, calves, pig, chicken etc under the knife just to satiate our palate. Selective compassion is no compassion at all. How can we ignore the screams of poor animals while being dragged to death?

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