The recent embellishment in regard to the controversial involvement of our great Indian Icon Shahrukh Khan versus certain pseudo nationals, that hit the headlines, was certainly blown out of proportion, & it kept me fretting n fuming! A sheer incomprehensible prototype of depraved mentalities, who can go to any length, to malign & tarnish the reputation n image of anyone, who opposes them in their treacherous path n unscrupulous ways!!!

To top, many renowned adversaries gathered as uncouth judges to cluck their tongues n spew uncalled-for “expert comments”, least realising that neither they were witness to it,  nor were they aware of the facts, all reacting on mere hearsay! The least they could have done was to refrain from forcing their inconsiderate opinions of Shahrukh. It’s so easy for them to unflinchingly blame a celebrity, & run him down. Would they have reacted in any different way, had they been trapped in a similar situation, as his? It’s quite convenient to preach, but definitely not practical!

All Shahrukh fans know for sure that he is not in the least an unreasonable person. Besides his good looks, charm, acting calibre, brilliant performances, professionalism, he is a person of intellect, wit, humour, etiquettes, sound background & he is well-read n well -groomed!!! Not to forget that he is humane too!!! A family person and a doting father!

Whether he was drunk or not, only he would know best, but there is a major difference in downing a couple of drinks & being drunk! It’s anyway not logical enough that a person of his stature, who has the responsibility of fetching so many children, at that hour of the night, would be sozzled n wayward! Even a sober person can react in a similar fashion, when provoked by any kind of injustice or offense.  And here was Shahrukh Khan, not any commoner, or a nonentity or a con man!!! He surely should have been dealt with respect n caution… he is of course SPECIAL! Not an outlaw!!!

The attitude n allegations of the authorities isn’t shocking as what more can one expect out of them, all of it was created in self defence n to safeguard their misconduct. It was pathetic to witness the reactions & assessments of Shobha De n likes! Hard to digest! They kept talking of equality, money (???), image & national integrity! Also nasty comments were made like he is going through mid-life crisis & lack of work…..eh eh eh…give Sharukh a break!!! It was also mentioned that Shahrukh has lost on many of his fans with such behaviour!?! Huh! Forgive Lord, for they know not what they are saying!!!

 Let me clarify that Shahrukh has not lost his fans but has won even more hearts with his stand! People have all the love, awe n admiration for him doubled in them. He is man enough to oppose such a foul play n an assault! What image or behaviour is being talked of? In a situation like that wherein his children have been manhandled & his prestige has been attacked by all norms of decency flouted, will he take it in a sissy manner just for the sake of an image? He has an image in any case, he does not need to build it or be conscious about it, especially when confronted in an incident like that, where he was purely a father n a human being, not just a super star! Is he not a human-being too with emotions & a certain amount of sensitivity!!! Can image outgrow such humiliation and hurt???

What mid-life crisis & work frustration is being talked of?? Goodness! He is too wise n refined to mature or age gracefully & too successful n desired to face any lows… not yet! Rather, people discussing him in such a distasteful manner had frustration marked on their faces, who go out of their ways to chitchat crap for the sake of publicity n exposure! They should have a peek in their past also & really need to better their works n image rather than pointing their distort fingers at Shahrukh Khan!!!

What do they mean by equality here?? Is pulling down Shahrukh Khan, the pride of India, to a shoddy level….EQUALITY??? To satiate one’s vengeful ego n thereby demand an unworthy apology….EQUALITY??? Or is being mercenary in the name of envy….EQUALITY???

Oh yes!!! There are also pleas to shut down IPL, due to a couple of other incidences too; but how is IPL connected or concerned with personal issues & happenings? When so much grosser is anyway taking place all round, why is that given a deaf ear n a blind eye? Why no actions n reactions to that? Some ministers were caught watching porno material in the cabinet, so would they shut down the cabinet? Then why is IPL being targeted? At least it’s far far better than the grave scenario of our country! Or is the hue and cry due to the IPL not warming the hands of certain greed mongrels???

However!!! Never the less I prefer to support n applaud SHAHRUKH KHAN, for being himself, than the dubious elements of our society! His outburst proves his being true to himself n his loved ones, his being unaffected by his phenomenal stardom & image!!! KUDOS to SHAHRUKH KHAN. Your fans adore you even much more!!!