Hi! I am Seema Kapoor, mainly working on mainstream television for more  than a decade, having worked in all No. 1 shows with lead and title roles to my credit like : Kismat, Kurukshetra, Virasat, Silsila, Nagin, Chandini, Hasratein, Nartaki, Hum Saat Aath Hain, Gharwali Uparwali, Sath Sath, Miss India, Gul Sanobar, Yug,  Padosan,  Sapna Babul Ka… Bidaai etc etc etc. I especially had  to mention all this to avoid the mis-undersatnding of false identity created by some small time ” seema kapoors” who cash on my name and my position. I once had to bear the brunt very heavily for so, which is why this is a precautionary measure. More over you too would be clear as to whom you are associating with! 


However… this is to be genuinely in touch with people who care and with whom I feel the need to share my views, beliefs and experiences on the different shades of  life. Also would love to share Your views on any aspect of life and experience… also problems… if any. So lets begin right away moving ahead to a beautiful bonding. 


As for now, let me begin by sharing some basic details like… I was born on the 6th of december, yup  am a  Sagi, born in Calcutta(India), schooling from Loretto, graduated in chandigarh and settled in Mumbai for a long time now. I love writing poetries, reading… especially Ayn Rand and The Bible. I am an incorrigible dreamer. Am very fond of animals(more than Human Beings) I have many Dogs and Cats at home, they make my world rock. And a good performance gives me the highest kick in life!  Above all  I am a die hard follower of Lord JESUS CHRIST without whom I am nothing. 


My love, best wishes and blessings prevail with each of u. God Bless.




  1. misssssing u……… tv sucks widout u….. 😥 get well sooon! misssss u!!!! loveeeee u!!!! tc~~~~~~~ 😀

  2. Happy! tht u back on tv..! i watch sukanya humari betiyaan…. nw will watch ek hazoron mein meri behna hai nly for u! 🙂 honestly i say.. i m a very depressed person.. i always wish to die,, n ur serials make me live life.. itz more imp thn oxygen.. very happy tht u back! 🙂 whn bidaai got ova i thot tht ma oxygen has got ova..so used to watch repeat of bidaai n kept myself happy.. n m damn happy tht u back! 😀 🙂 -vaiku

  3. hi
    how are u your show bidaai is so beautiful

  4. hi ma,am how r u
    I really like u nd ur work both a lot

    U look so so so beautiful
    Aishwarya rai resembles u a lot

    I am ur fan since i was in school in 6th standard and used to watch hasratein because of u only

    U r blessed wid beauty nd talent both

    Takecare and keep up d good job
    Ur fan

    • That’s wonderful of U Heena, Ur beautiful words have touched my heart, nd encouraged me for further in life. God Bless You in every way. Much Love

      • parfect

  5. hi ma’am
    how r u ?
    I m a very big fan of urs since watching hasratein serial
    (Actually i still watches that serial on youtube .)

    Acoording to me hasratein was the best and bold serial of all time.
    I dont think today any channel can make that kind of serial with that kind of performances by all the actors who worked in that serial.
    The quality in the script writing ,dialogues, artists. direction,performances…
    all of those was so perfect (till u were there in the serial ) that it could be awarded the best serial of the decede

    And what can one say about the title track
    It is the one of the best and meaningful title track of any serial (and u can bet me about that ).
    I just loved ur performance in that serial and hated the serial from 100th episode as u were replaced there after by Shefali Ji.

    May i know ma’am Why did u left that serial then ? (i was very upset when u left that serial )

    ma’am wish u great health
    Takecare and keep up the good job

    Ur fan

  6. I love ur shows hasratein

  7. I like ur acting in various serial.You are really beautiful.

  8. I like the written. Very nice written.

  9. I like this written. Very nice written.

  10. Yes, I got you…!
    Hello Seema Madam. One of your crazy fan. Since I was 8 years old, I was watching you on Doordarshan. (I dont know the name of that serial) In which you have acted with sir Alok Nath.
    Now a days your TV serial on & TV, named RAZIA SULTAN.
    May your TV show earn Highest TRP.

    Your YOUNGEST fan –

  11. Hi Seema Mam, We are a big fan of yours, and have watched all episodes of hasratein long back, recently again revisited hasratein serial but we got only first 90 episodes online, could you please please help me to get link or anything related to further episodes of hasratein, my email id is deepikajha22@gmail.com

    • Even I am looking for the episodes from 91 to 208. I even contacted Zee TV. They said they will upload the serial in ditto tv…. But unfortunately I have no access to ditto tv in my country. They have promised to revert back. I was even willing to pay. But they don’t sell contents. So I am just waiting. If you manage to get access to the episodes pls do let me know — Best regards Sudha. My email is sudhanikhilmehta@gmail.com

      • Hi Deepika, I have been communicating with Zee Tv requesting them to release the episodes from 91 to 208. And the good news is they have reverted positively. They have send me the link for episodes 111 to 120. They have also promised to upload the remaining episodes sooner. So friends we all can enjoy the impeccable acting of Seema ji on the link below
        As when they send more links I shall repost it here so you all can enjoy. It was delightful to watch beautiful and lively Seemaji. May you stay blessed Seemaji with long life and good health

        Bye for Now
        Sudha Mehta

  12. Hi Seema Ji,
    I used to watch Hasratein when I was in college. It was an outstanding performance by the team. Such a bold and controversial subject you carried it so well that one actually falls in love with the character of Savi. You are indeed gorgeous. Even after so many years that grace and poise in you makes you stand apart. I never watch any serials on TV….But just last week I watched all the episodes of Hasratein again …….. Reminiscing the good old days of television when serials were few but filled with substance. Now a days we have only the shell left and substance has evaporated…….

  13. I have been watching the episodes of Hasratein, such a great work , im a big fan of yours Seema ji, there are no episodes on youtube after 99. I requested zee tv and they mentioned to check ditto tv but that only has episodes till 20. please help us as we want to watch more episodes, we didn’t even get to see what happened after Saavy expressed emotions to KT. Please please help us to see more episodes.


  14. Dear Team,

    Kindly upload or advice where I can find Episode 91 -208 as I don’t find anywhere.

    Please Please.

    • The episodes 1 to 120 is available on ditto tv. The link is http://www.dittotv/tvshows/hasratein. I am in touch with zee tv team. They have promised to upload the remaining episodes too shortly. They are currently working on it.
      Best Regards

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