1. nice pix

  2. nice pix

  3. hi seema kapoor ji.
    you are looking wow in all the photos. you are among my favourites and greatly admired. i have been watching your shows ever since i was young and sometimes watching them makes me laugh or cry and applause too. you are my idol and my hero and a great inspiration. and wish i could meet someday. well done with your acting seema kapoor ji. well done. all the best with the upcoming episodes of bidaai.

    your greatest fan,

  4. awesome pixxxxxx.!

  5. I lOve u seems kapoor’s u are the best in dream Bidaai is my fav I like u and u husband indrajeet I like u are the best in dream place bring Bidaai back place and thank u

  6. I like your blog, it is about yourself,. I saw in movies and TV shows i like you face verymuch it is very cute and beautiful that i cannot explain. I can imagine only about yourself. Love and respect

  7. u rock……. u rock…. u rock…… thats it i can say!!! 😀 plzzz let us know if u r doing a serial….. plzzzzzz… wanna see u back!! 😀 take care…….. get well soon!!! 😀 ❤ u………. muah!!!!!!
    -vaiku…… 🙂

  8. Hy Seemaji, you are one of my favourite bollywood actress :), i love you. i watch Bidaai i love that serial. i hope you read this. I love you :* I’m Loraine.

  9. Hy Seemaji, you are one of my favourite bollywood actress, i love you so much, and i’m watching Bidaai is a very good serial and i love it, love ya :*.

  10. hi….seema ji. I m your fan frm my childhood. i watch you in commedy
    drama serial ‘gharwali baharwali ‘. In this serial , you have a son name ‘sunny’. I found your name in wikipedia with lot of efforts.
    I love and respect you seemaji.

  11. Hi Seema! I love you and I want to say that since watching the show Bidaai you became my favorite actress.The role that you play with yourself while watching me I made the same character as that of the serial.

  12. hi seema kapoor ji iam your biggest fan

  13. hi seema ji i am ur biggest fan and ur pixx is v nice .

  14. hi am ur biggest fan and ur pixx is v nice

  15. parfect

  16. :* :*

  17. Lovely and awesome photos. I like very much these photos.

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